November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

As the last golden Aspen leaves hang on for the home stretch of fall at lower altitude, the sight of spinning ski lifts in the high country signals that winter is definitely on its way. Here are a few of my favorite things for this beautiful season of the year:

FLANNEL SHIRT PHOTO  1.  Nothing says fall like flannel, and Topo Designs (Colorado company) nails it in this department.

ACOUSTIC GUITAR / ROTATE IT SO IT’S VERTICAL 2.  Whether picking tunes around a campfire with friends, or just trying to figure out some Jerry licks on Youtube, I try to keep a guitar close by whenever possible.

BINOCULARS   3.  Fall brings incredible opportunities to spot wildlife up in the mountains, or right outside your back door. A hot cup of coffee in one hand and a quality set of binoculars in the other is my idea of a perfect Saturday morning.

MATCH STICKS  4.  Even at age 40, I’m still a pyro at heart. Long-stem fireplace matches always get the job done and save the hair on your fingers when trying to light those hard to reach areas.

COCONUT PORTER   5.  With the explosion of IPA’s on the craft beer scene over the last few years, I rarely find myself drinking anything that is not loaded with hops. That said, a well balanced stout or porter cooler still beckons to me at this time of year. Avery’s barrel aged Coconut Porter is a perfect evening sipper while watching the native pine wood pop in the fireplace.