On the Cover 9

The September issue in the editorial world is traditionally the biggest production of the year featuring all things fashion. Why one might ask? I sure did, and after digging around, I found the best explanation from good ole Vogue, the encyclopedia of fashion.

September is the signal of summertime coming to an end. As school gets back in session and work revs up again, it’s a fresh start to the year while temperature drop and leaves begin to change. Bikinis, shorts and tank tops no longer reign supreme, and we’re all looking for a little inspiration to fall into (get it?). And nothing says inspiration like a full blown fashion spread.

Inspired by all of the above ^ a small crew including photographer Joe Friend and stylist Edie Ure ventured south to the Great Sand Dunes to catch the hot sun and sand a little longer.

“When we sat down to talk about the September fashion issue I had two immediate thoughts.” Says Ure, stylist and art director. 

1/ We live in one of the most majestic and naturally diverse states, and where better than to photograph the fashion editorial than against one of Mother Nature’s most enchanting accomplishments, the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It’s a dramatic backdrop featuring the tallest Dunes in North America.

2/ I really wanted to use strong Colorado Women, models, who reflected a truer picture of our state. The world is a multicultural society to which we all belong, we definitely need to celebrate that more,” says Ure.

The Shoot Details