LAGERS: More Than Just Light Beer 10

Wibby Brewing extensive selection of lagers showcases the style’s true complexity with an American twist on a German classic.

The beginnings of Wibby Brewing were ignited with a conversation at High Sierra Music Festival in 2013 between college friends and now co-founders Ryan Wibby and Ted Risk. At the time of the festival, Wibby had been brewing professionally for nearly to fifteen years and had spent time in Berlin, Germany studying with some of the best lager brewers. Risk asked Wibby when he was going to open his own place and the duo became extremely excited discussing the prospect of their own brewery. They decided to revisit the topic in a more tame environment post-festival, and once they put pen to paper the following week, they were able to conceptualize what we have come to know and love as Wibby Brewing since September 2015.

Their beers are all within the lager family, but their challenge is to showcase the diversity in what a lager can taste like. They have all their bases covered with a Dunkel, Helles and the Wibby IPL to name a few. Their tagline: anything an ale can do, a lager can do better. Risk notes that while people usually hear lager and think “light beer,” Wibby’s selection proves that there can be more variety and complexity in this style.

“We start with the principles of German style lager brewing and then put the American craft twist on it,” Risk says. “Not all our beers adhere to the [German Beer Purity Law], which says you can only use water, malt, hops and yeast in beer. Some of [our beers adhere] but some of them don’t…so we build off the principles and standards have been in place that made lagers universal beers and then we get creative with it through creative ingredients, through different styles. That’s where the fun and creativity all come into play.”


209 Emery Street

Longmont, CO 80501