How to Pack a Bowl

You may notice more Poke (it’s pronounced POH-keh) restaurants popping up than build-your-own-burrito bars. It’s basically the food trend of 2017 and the next gen of sushi.

Here’s why we’re on board with this traditional Hawaiian dish: first and foremost, it’s healthy. These bowls are full of good fats sourcing Omega-3 from the fatty fish, avocados and nori. Omega-3 helps with anxiety, depression and overall heart health (your hair will thank you, too). Plus these bowls will also make you feel full so with one meal you’ll feel satisfied. No more munchies.

Other reasons to love this food trend? They’re quick, easy, customizable and, most importantly, delectable.

Chef Dane Hiett, who runs a luxury catering company and boutique private chef services called Chef Dane’s Kitchen (, 
shared three Poke bowl recipes sure to pack a punch. As the curator of regularly changing, deliciously unique menus, he knows a thing or two about flavor.

“These recipes are about keeping it simple for the everyday home cook,” says Hiett. “For these three bowls, I used three different bases: white rice, quinoa, black forbidden rice. The idea is that you can really use any different grains you may have in the cabinet and add different proteins to it.”

*Chef Dane’s Tip

Puffed quinoa is as easy as cooking quinoa, spreading it out on a sheet tray and placing it in the oven as low as possible to blow air on it and dry it out. Finally, fry it in a small pot of oil.