Refresh & Regroup

Prepping Your Yard for Winter. Tips with Our Expert John Herron of RSL Outdoor.

Crisp, chilly mornings, freezing nights, dry winter air, heavy snowfall. Autumn is upon us, and that means these frigid harbingers of the freezin’ season will be here soon. The impending cold weather doesn’t have to spell trouble for your yard, though, and there are plenty of steps you can proactively take to prepare it for the upcoming winter months.

Enter John Herron, general manager of RSL Outdoor, with some tips on how to not only keep your lawn looking fresh this winter but also how to set it up for success come springtime.


Cut back all of your perennials during the fall. Snow can mat down these plants, meaning they’ll have to work harder to sprout during the spring. Give them a helping hand and trim them before winter hits.

*Bonus Tip: If your perennials are in a particularly cold patch of your yard, cover them with mulch during winter for insulation.


Choose a warm day during autumn to give your grass one last cut, so it heads into winter looking fresh. Be sure to bag and remove clippings and rake the yard afterward, so you don’t get a heavy build-up of thatch come spring.


Applying fertilizer in the fall and winter is crucial to give your grass the strength it needs to grow back as soon as possible in the spring.


Wintertime watering! Snowfall doesn’t adequately hydrate your plants and lawn. If the temperature is going to be above 50 degrees for a few consecutive days, water your plants and grass to keep them from drying out during the cold spells.


Avoid snow breakage on your trees and shrubs by keeping them thinned and pruned. You’ve invested a lot into these elements of your yard, so take this time to protect them from heavy snowfall.


Maintenance time! Take the off season to clean and tune up all your yard tools, including getting your lawn mower serviced so that you’re ready to get back to work once spring arrives.