Backbone of the Family

Dr. Mike Lynch of ADIO Health Chiropractic has a passion for helping pregnant mothers, children and families have healthy spines through the torque release technique.

Dr. Lynch opened ADIO Health Chiropractic in December 2014 when he instantly fell in love with the area. Although there is a lot of competition in Boulder, Dr. Lynch has set himself apart from the crowd with the torque release technique that only he offers in this area.

“It’s a 100 percent neurologically-based technique, so it’s incredibly specific—there’s no twisting, cracking, popping,” he says. “We use an instrument to adjust, so that’s appealing to a lot of people, especially for kiddos or parents with kiddos.”
Although Dr. Lynch sees all age groups, he specializes in helping pregnant mothers, children and families live their healthiest life.
Because our society is looking down more from cell phones, Dr. Lynch notices an increase in teenagers coming in with issues like anxiety, sleep issues, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and hormonal issues that are associated with “tech neck.”

“We’re starting to see the degeneration of the spine in teenagers,” says Dr. Lynch. “When you lose the cervical curve of the neck it puts you in this fight or flight, so you’re stuck in that state. We’ve noticed a huge improvement from just correcting the structure of the cervical spine.”
Dr. Lynch encourages parents to bring in newborn babies for checkups because of the birthing process.

“It’s a lot of trauma to the upper part of the neck, and the upper part of the neck is the most neurologically dense part of the spine,” he says. “So when there’s tension up there, you see colic and acid reflux. When you release the stress in the nervous system, a lot of those problems will go away.”
And for pregnant women, Dr. Lynch educates women on how to feel in control of their births and have less fear around the delivery. After experiencing his three children’s births that ranged from a medical emergency to a natural, home birth, he can relate to all experiences their clients encounter and offer his personal advice. He also is certified in the Webster technique, a sacral and pelvic adjustment to help the nervous system during pregnancy.

But Dr. Lynch also recommends that healthy people come in for chiropractic work regularly, too.

“People go to the dentist a couple of times a year to get a check up,” he says. “You can’t base your health off of how you look and how you feel. You can replace your teeth, but you can’t replace your spine.”