30-Minute Workout

Sky Van Horn, owner & lead coach of Element 6 Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Fitness Studio, shows us his final phase of his workout series. This is the time to mobilize and recover.

Not all movement protocols need to take a long time or require equipment. Our intention is to give you a deeper look into how to keep your health and fitness moving forward even when you’re busy.

Our programming is specific and efficient and this month will only take you thirty minutes to complete. This set is a little more time compared to past issues but well worth it. This is the 4th installment of your workout to be completed during your week.

This month our focus is to mobilize 
and restore!

Slow down and breathe. We designed an active mobility routine that aims to work all of your joints and muscles to help dissolve any stress and tension that may have built up over the weeks from work and workouts. This routine consists of four sections of specific movements for you to complete: Warm-up, Hips, Lift and Twists and Restore and Release.

**Most importantly, have fun, focus on your breath and your form (never sacrifice this, ever!), take breaks as often as you need to and stay hydrated. As you hold each position for 5+ breaths, make the breath long, slow and controlled. And always remember that if something doesn’t feel right, skip it and never force your body into a posture or push your body into injury type pain.


Start Standing

Standing Forward Bend

High Push-Up

Low Push-Up

Up Dog

Down Dog

Step/Jump Forward

Halfway Lift 
(hands on shins or knees)

Standing Forward Bend

Standing/Mountain Pose


Warrior 1

Reverse Warrior

Lift and Twist:

Seated Half Pigeon (right leg)

Three-Legged Tabletop (right leg)

Seated Half Pigeon (left leg)

Three-Legged Tabletop (left leg)

Staff Pose

Single Legged Boat

Lifted Leg Pose

Twisting Lifted Leg

Easy Forward Bend

Straight Leg Seated Twist

Star Pose (right side first then left side)

Cool Down and Restore:

Seated Forward Bend

Dead Bug

Final Relaxation Pose (up to 7 minutes)