Alexa Allen Design is a name some may recognize, but few know the maker/artist/designer/mom behind the brand. Alexa Allen uses her hands creating wood objects and leather goods (like, really good) for her business and working with the one and only Todd Reed. Inspired by all the usual suspects; art, architecture and furniture design, her first creative passion, her style is best described by Alexa herself, “simple, with clean lines, and a bit of a tomboy aesthetic.” Alexa invited us into her new home studio space where she can wear all of her hats, and wear them well. We spent the day with her to see what 24 hours looks like with Alexa Allen Design.

6:58 AM  My alarm comes in the form of my girls (Rose 11yo and Elsie 6yo) jumping in bed with 
 me for morning cuddles.

7:10 AM Breakfast/coffee/make lunches for the girls/get dressed/search frantically for 
 6-year-old’s missing shoe!

8:05 AM  Out the door to walk my daughters to school.

8:35 AM  Back home, quick session of jump rope.

9:00 AM  In the studio ready for work. (I work from home, so luckily my commute is instant!) 
 Check emails, post to Instagram and FB/plan my attack strategy for the day.

9:30 AM Find some good music to zone out to while I do some ink drawing on leather for bowls.

10:00 AM Drop off completed wholesale order to Alpine Modern on Pearl Street.

10:20 AM Pick up leather samples from laser engraver for a project I am working on at Todd Reed.

10:45 AM Finish custom bag, email client ready for pick up.

11:30 AM Start prototyping new bag style.

11:45 AM Get distracted trying to find new music/new podcasts.

12:00 PM Send invoices for items delivered earlier in the day.

12:30 PM I start cutting and sewing for prototype realize I need to order hardware.

1:00 PM Quick bite to eat/catch up on emails/load of laundry/run the dishwasher (ahh the 
 glory of working from home!)

2:30 PM Pack up online orders and deliver to post office.

2:55 PM Walk to school to pick up my younger daughter.

3:10 PM Snacks for the girls/girls get changed.

4:00 PM Drop my older daughter at Jiujitsu. Then a quick stop at grocery store on way home.

4:15 PM Check email while younger daughter plays with neighbors out front (I love my 
 neighborhood, there are 12 girls on our block!)

4:45 PM Dance party with 6-year-old in the studio.

5:15 PM Pick up older daughter from Jiujitsu.

5:45 PM Start cooking dinner while girls play with neighbors.

6:00 PM Sneak in a round of emails.

6:30 PM Sit down to dinner with my girls.

7:00 PM Brainstorming meeting with local women friends to discuss collaboration and/or 
 future business strategies.

8:30 PM Put my girls to bed, a quick round of reading books and chatting about the day.

9:00 PM Bourbon.

9:15 PM Back to the studio for some sketching of new designs for the fall Firefly Handmade Market.

10:30 PM Get in bed, reading or Instagram/Facebook.

11:00 PM ZZZZZZzzzzz.

6:58 AM Repeat