Pawsitively Pawesome Places 1

Every dog has their “happy word.” For some, it’s “walk,” 
for other’s it’s “camp.”

Camp Bow Wow sees themselves as having two kinds of clients: four-legged and two-legged. Even so, their needs aren’t all that different.

“We always talk about how these dogs are children,” says Brook Brown, VP of Operations and Innovation. “I have a four-year-old, two-legged child and I want her to be in the best place she can be.

“You work hard and invest time into finding that place, so when she is there, and her teachers at school give her extra attention and notice that it’s her birthday or that she has a new dress on, that’s special. 

That translates to what we do here.”

It’s a feeling every parent can relate to. To have such attention to detail when you’re handing your child off to someone, it’s impressive. Brown adds, “Our Camp Counselors know every dog that comes in here by who their friends are, who their friends are not, who their favorite (counselors) are and what their routine is. They notice when a dog’s collar changes!”

Of course, the love for dogs is one thing. Managing them is another. CBW’s mission is to create a safe environment for “dogs to be dogs.” Their intricate system, designed with the psyche of dogs in mind, helps them do just that.

CBW has 14 free-roaming play yards, separated by size and activity level—all of which are equipped with “Camper Cams” which allows parents to check in on their fur babies via CBW’s ridiculously addicting app. According to Brown, it allows them to create little ecosystems within each yard so that the dogs are separated by size for safety and their personalities for enjoyment.

CBW also offers boarding—but before you go thinking you’re sending your pup off to be locked up in a cold, metal crate, know that CBW “campers” enjoy the good life even at rest in luxury suites, cabins and condos. Not only are they spacious enough for dogs to move around and have their own toys, bedding or a t-shirt from home, some include canine grass, memory-foam beds and open tops so that they can stay connected to the rest of the pack. Like any good hotel, campers receive the canine version of a mint on their pillow—a peanut butter-filled bone at lights-out. That is, of course, if mom and dad say it’s ok.

Taking it a step further, CBW’s list of services include grooming and training, as well. The company has a full-time dog trainer on staff, updating the team with the most current and comprehensive strategies in canine care. Word around town is that lots of hotdogs are involved…

Needless to say, fun sure isn’t lacking.

“We hear it all the time, ‘We say camp and my dog starts jumping up and down,’ or ‘We get close to camp, and they want to jump out of the car and run to the door,’” Brown laughs. “That means that we’re doing what we’re doing well.”