How to Host a Ladies Beer Night 12

Ditch the book club…

What’s a gal to do on a beautiful summer night here in Boulder, when the sun’s still a-shining and the patio’s a-calling? Get together with her girls and get her craft beer on, of course! The craft beer scene in Boulder County is a delicious adventure ripe for the exploring, and a craft beer night with your best girls is the perfect way to learn about and enjoy local brews, whether you’re a newbie to craft beer or a seasoned brewmaster. Sharing craft brews with your girlfriends can be a relaxed and casual get together, an educational experience, or even a beer and food pairing fest. No matter the theme and no matter the vibe, I think we can all agree that one of the (many) things Boulder ladies do well is have fun while enjoying a local craft beer. So swap out that glass of wine for a beer stein and check out some theme ideas to take your upcoming ladies craft beer night to the next level!

Salute to Summertime

A light, crisp brew on a hot summer day screams summer nights in Boulder with the girls. Stock up on brews from Wibby Brewing in Longmont, who specialize in smooth lagers, or focus on brews with a citrusy kick, like the Bootstrap Brewing Company Chillax Pineapple Gold or the Boulder Beer Company Pulp Fusion IPA or Bump ‘n’ Rind Watermelon Kolsch. Also, sample brews with refreshing seasonal twists, like the Twisted Pine Brewing Company Homeslice Cream Ale with cucumber juice.


Incorporate a craft project into your gathering. Paint personalized steins, turn growlers into centerpieces, make coasters out of bottle caps. The opportunities are endless!

Pucker Up!

Sour beers: tart, funky, wild, and admittedly intimidating. With distinct flavors, sour beers can take some getting used to but are more than worth the effort to get acquainted with them.

Ease into sampling sours with the El Gose from Avery Brewing Company, or start with a funky saison or farmhouse ale, like the Cherry Saison from Sanitas Brewing Company or Achtertuin Seizoen from The Post Brewing Company.

Want to dive right in? Try the Apricot Sour or Ginger Sour from the Avery Brewing Company Botanicals & Barrels series.


“I like a craft beer night where I go home knowing something I didn’t know when I walked in the door,” says Julie Kovaleski, Director of Barley’s Angels Colorado. Put together a fun trivia-style game to learn about the process for brewing a sour beer.

Malt Madness

Stouts, porters, brown ales. Their flavors are unlike any other brews but, as Wild Woods Brewery owner Erin Evans says, many people are intimidated by them and have the misconception that they always have to be exceedingly rich and heavy.

Not so. The Wild Woods Brewery Ponderosa Porter is an approachable (and delicious) starter beer for someone taking their first steps to the dark side. Other great local malt-forward brews include the Upslope Brewing Company Brown Ale, the Bootstrap Brewing Company Flagstaff Amber, and the Finkel & Garf Oatmeal Milk Stout


Psyching yourself out thinking about sampling dark brews? Turn your craft beer night into a blind beer tasting complete with a random beer line-up and blindfold yourself to dash any fears!

Holla at the Hops!

Let that hops-loving flag fly! Pale Ales and IPAs are abundant in Boulder, from the ever-popular Boulder Beer Company Mojo IPA to the Fate Brewing Company Moirai and ample options in between. Have your girlfriends each bring along one hoppy brew they know they like and one they’ve never tried before to get a nice mix of craft beers to sample.


“You’d be surprised at how appealing a stinky cheese and hoppy beer pairing is,” says Amy Newell-Large, Hospitality Manager at Avery Brewing Company. Think outside the box with food pairings for your party. Pickles? Fried foods? Chips and salsa? The possibilities go on and on.

Dessert Night

There’s nothing not to love about a dessert and craft beer pairing. Instead of going the classic chocolate and beer pairing route, experiment with other desserts like cheesecake, fruit parfaits, and pastries. Pair them with sweet, tart brews like the Avery Brewing Company Raspberry Sour for some truly memorable flavor combinations.


Some local brews are so decadent they’re dessert indulgences in and of themselves, like the Shake Chocolate Porter from Boulder Beer Company or the Peanut Butter Porter from Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company.