Hair of the Dog

We’re in the heart of the dog days of summer. A time of year marked by inactivity and lethargy. It seems like life has taken a pause (or should I say, ahem, Paws.)

This month’s theme is an ode to idleness. August is the final month we can embrace the summer vibe of rest and relaxation before vacation time is over. So, obviously, that means spending quality time with your pup and enjoying a brewski. (Hence the theme for this issue.)

This month, we featured dog-friendly breweries and met the four-legged best friends of local brewmasters with their all-time favorite beer picks. It’s the perfect time to kick up one’s heels and enjoy a cold one. Especially with man’s best friend. Or ditch the book club and host a ladies beer night that is the ultimate girls’ night in.

We also ventured to Vail and ditched the hiking boots and oversized backpack to experience the glory that is glamping.