Why It's Worth It 3

Big Chill Original Refrigerator 
and Appliances.

There are many questions we ponder in life like,

What’s the meaning of life?

Is the glass half empty or half full?


Why is it worth it?

Here at Boulder Lifestyle, we can help with some of these big life questions. And when I mean some, I mean one thought-provoking question, and it’s why Boulder-based Big Chill Original Refrigerator and appliances are worth it.

They’re retro, 1950’s-inspired appliances with modern amenities.

Why not have a #tbt every day of the week? And if retro is not your thing (I really feel sorry for you) then they also have other era-inspired lines. Like the contemporary Pro Line, complete with bold and subtle colors that make it not just an appliance but also a design piece. In 2015, they also launched the Classic Line throwing it way back to the early 1900s, industrial-chic movement.

Saying no to stainless steel never felt so good.

We get it, we all like modern/nordic/clean/Kinfolk-esque style but that doesn’t mean you have to erase all color out of life. A pop of color here and there adds to modern decor and design. They also use a powder coat paint which is more resistant to scratching, fading, chipping and wearing than other finishes (and it’s environmentally-friendly). Did we also mention it’s okay to mix old with new? Pictured here is a 1911 Congress Park Bungalow with the Original Beach Blue refrigerator.

It’s local!

The main office is located right in the forefront of the Front Range in Boulder. The Big Chill line of refrigerators are also assembled in Boulder. They use steel doors that are created using a traditional stamping process…just like they did back in the ’50s, and authentic chrome trim. Supporting a local business that keeps production close to home is definitely worth it.

Chill Out – you’re saving energy.

The fridge may look like something straight out of an “I Love Lucy” rerun, but they take a 2017 approach to the environment. The Original and Retropolitan are both Energy Star Rated (Big Chill’s dishwashers too) and help us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.