Bringing European Luxury to Boulder 13

Goldbranch Estates’ interior redesign melds timeless Tuscan architecture with modern-day design.

Nestled a stone’s throw from idyllic downtown Niwot, the Goldbranch Estates community is bringing “New-World European” living to Boulder Valley. Conceived in 2004, Goldbranch has come to fruition as a luxury community that calls to mind the graceful elegance of Tuscany, red-tiled roofs and all. After weathering the storm of a slow economy and keeping eyes on providing a stylish, valuable living space for buyers, Goldbranch has now rebranded in stunning fashion, thanks in large part to an interior design overhaul spearheaded by Goldbranch Developer Jennifer Budacz, and Luxury Realtor – with a great eye for design – Jennifer Egbert.

In designing Goldbranch, Budacz sought to create a community that “embodies the charm and cohesiveness often found in eternal European villages.” Egbert’s redesign honored the “Old-World European” exteriors of Budacz’s original vision, while pulling inspiration from European and Californian Mediterranean homes of the 1920’s and incorporating their traits into a new, “fresh, open and bright design.” Egbert honed in on current design trends without moving away from those elements that provide “long-standing style.” As Egbert explains,

“We want our buyers to experience the thrill of walking into their homes for the duration of their ownership. Pulled back style and sophistication run throughout each home…in general, I shy away from ‘trendy’ and lean heavily on the question, ‘What has stood the test of time?’”

With this vision in mind, Egbert began by focusing on lightening and brightening – bringing that famous Colorado sunshine into the homes by “highlighting views, bouncing light off of walls and bringing the outdoors in.” Striking details like statuesque windows and glass walls went a long way in achieving this goal. To capitalize upon the sunlit layouts, Egbert sought out design elements she saw as lacking in the current Boulder real estate market, and filled those voids with accents like alluring light fixtures, sliding barn doors and practical yet beautiful kitchens and bathrooms.

Though the homes’ interiors provide plenty of comfort, Goldbranch homes boast a number of enchanting reasons to move outside: grand fireplaces, tranquil fountains and enchanting courtyards, complete with stunning views of the Front Range, provide an escape from the daily grind. Budacz, who is both a developer and a resident of Goldbranch, describes the courtyards as providing “a ‘stay-cation’ style feel,” so true to the Mediterranean style that “most visitors ask if they’ve just time-traveled to Tuscany.” The homes are not only beautiful, they are also sensible, meeting the needs of Boulder buyers with four-bedroom floor plans, some layouts also including bonus bedrooms or au pair suites.

With exteriors replicating the sophisticated simplicity of the Tuscan countryside, and an interior revamp that has left the homes light, open, and inviting, Goldbranch Estates has successfully established a captivating community for those seeking luxury living on the Front Range.