With beer writer Riley Cowing of Crafty Ladies Beer Club Blog

Beer name: Citra Pale Ale

Brewery: Upslope

Style: American Pale Ale

Price tag: $8.63 for six-pack

ABV: 5.8%

What’s the flavor:

Citrus, citrus, citrus! Light and refreshing with hardly any hop bitterness present. You could drink quite a few of these without thinking twice!


Grapefruit with notes of apricot and tropical fruit.

Would taste best with:

Any and all of those summer BBQ favorites. It’s light, crisp and effervescent body would cut through rich flavors. A bacon cheeseburger, BBQ ribs or even a light summer salad 
– this beer would be the perfect complement to them all.


This brew is a wonderful companion for all of your summer endeavors. Whether camping for the weekend or heading out to a music festival, this pale ale will pair with anything you throw at it.

Final Comments:

It’s light, effervescent body and crisp, citrus flavor make this beer extremely versatile. If you are drinking with a couple of friends on the front porch or trying to find your BBQ brew – Citra Pale Ale is an excellent choice!