Tied Up 11

With the many challenges entrepreneurs face, we wanted to challenge them some more with a photoshoot sure to throw them for a loop. To tie a tie.

Shoot Location | The Studio Boulder

Ties | Knotty Tie Co. Custom Handmade Ties & Scarves

Boulder is a hotbed of creative, entrepreneurial ventures and a playground for the passionate individuals who ignite them. Whether it’s the craving for learning that emanates from the University of Colorado Boulder campus, local encouragement of pursuing unique ideas, or the exceedingly supportive local community, Boulder attracts driven, talented entrepreneurs whose busy days and “on the go” lifestyles don’t come at the expense of enjoying the Boulder way of life.

For example, entrepreneur and investor Alex Bogusky now gives back to the entrepreneurial community that helped foster his success, aiming to keep this culture of innovation thriving.

Alex Bogusky

General Partner

Batshit Crazy Ventures

Highly lauded Boulder local Alex Bogusky is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. During his leadership of advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, he led the firm into huge international growth and acclaim. With an eye towards social responsibility, Alex’s career has been vast and impactful, giving back to the Boulder community, including by spearheading the creation of the bike sharing program BCycle, and most recently launching a new venture fund aiming to empower up-and-coming entrepreneurs. For Alex, while hectic schedules were often the norm in his early career, taking time to challenge his assumptions about the definition of success have impacted his career, and life, in enormously positive ways.

Did You Know?

  • Getting ready for a morning workout? Alex indulges in a mocha from Spruce Confections.
  • In need of a pick-me-up after said workout before heading into the office? Alex reaches for a mocha.
  • Charging hard during a busy day and in need of some fuel? Alex grabs, you guessed it, a mocha!

Jeff Stone


The Artisan Shop

Transitioning from a career in software consulting to immersing himself in the homebuilding industry in 2000 was a decision that would lead Jeff to his current company, The Artisan Shop. A proud local Colorado company focusing on incomparably unique, high quality custom cabinetry, The Artisan Shop is comprised of kitchen designers, engineers and artisan woodworkers all collaborating to design and create sustainably made cabinets for homes throughout the state.

Did You Know?

  • Jeff’s caffeine fix of choice is a good ol’ traditional cup of coffee (just one though!).
  • Unwinding after being on the go for Jeff is best done by playing lacrosse with his two sons, Jeffrey and Patrick.
  • Jeff’s earbuds are typically humming with a variety of podcasts, except for Friday afternoons, which are reserved for 80s hairbands.

John Atencio


John Atencio Designer Jewelry

Known today for their impeccably crafted gold, platinum and sterling silver jewelry designs, John Atencio Jewelry got its start in the early 70s out of the back of John’s own personal Volkswagen bus. From hand-sketching each design to managing seven boutique locations and connecting with the community, John aspires for his company to be known and lauded for their artistry, heart, hard work and talented team.

Did You Know?

  • Frequent international trips mean a good pair of “signature sneakers” is a travel essential for John, who might just sneak in some sightseeing at the end of the day.
  • John can’t get enough of good music, particularly “chill” and rock n roll classics, and plays it from dawn to dusk in his few off hours.
  • Late night cooking experiments help John unwind.

Michael Memsic


Sanitas Brewing Company

From homebrewing during college to the canning line at Oskar Blues to nine years at Boulder Beer Company to starting his own craft brewery, it’s safe to say that Michael Memsic is a mainstay of the Colorado craft beer scene. While setting out to start up Sanitas Brewing Company, Michael fell in love with the process of planning for, initiating, and maintaining a business, and his beloved local brewery mirrors his commitment to hard work and giving back to the local community that has embraced it.

Did You Know?

  • A self-proclaimed coffee addict, Michael frequents local coffee shops like Amante, Boxcar Coffee Roasters and Ozo Coffee Co.
  • Even when Michael takes a break by going on a walk, business books are still streaming through his earbuds.
  • A power snack of almonds are a staple on Michael’s desk.

Travis Albright

CEO/Executive Director

Future Arts Foundation

Tying together his love for music, business and education, Travis founded the Future Arts Foundation to give Colorado youth greater access to music and arts programs. From supplying local public schools with musical instruments and art supplies to hosting a music festival, Travis looks to continue to grow traditions of creativity and musicality throughout the state. Keep your eyes peeled as the Pearl Street Music & Arts Festival becomes the FAF Fest in 2018 as it grows beyond Pearl Street.

Did You Know?

  • Flip flops and a notebook are always with Travis when he’s on the go.
  • This former president of his kindergarten class listens to Ben Folds, the Avett Brothers and The Beatles to get him through the busiest of days.
  • Unwinding for Travis includes cooking a big dinner and enjoying a glass of wine.

Simeon Margolis & 
Andrew Goldman, MD

CEO & Co-Founders

Good Day Chocolate

Lifelong friends Simeon and Andy met at summer camp over 25 years ago and, while their career paths initially diverged, they came together again to create Good Day Chocolate with the mission of spreading smiles through delicious chocolate products enhanced with health benefits. These functional treats, a combination of Andy’s culinary experimentation and Simeon’s business savvy, have become hugely successful in Whole Foods and other retailers nationally.

Did You Know?

  • A good morning for Simeon and Andy starts with Good Day Chocolate Energy bites.
  • Throughout a busy day, you’ll hear the sounds of Galactic coming through their airwaves.
  • For trips that call for a redeye flight, Good Day Chocolate Sleep bites do the trick.

Orion Creamer


Big Chill

Immersed in a world of art, creativity, and design from childhood, Orion is a perpetual student of art striving to make “ordinary” products more beautiful, stylish and fun, with the Big Chill. With multiple collections sure to give any kitchen a pop of vintage flair while incorporating the advantages of modern technology, Orion’s company exercises bold, playful design with retro class. If retro is not your forte, they also have a modern and classic line with the option for pop of color, or not.

Did You Know?

  • A Double Americano is the beverage Orion chooses to kick start his day.
  • While he may not always travel with his massive shoe collection, what you will always find on Orion when he’s on the go is a sketch pad.
  • This lifelong soccer player practices meditation regularly to relax after a busy day.

Jon Banis



Jon has been immersed in the restaurant industry in nearly all its facets since he was a teen, including climbing the management ladder at Japango under previous ownership. After a quick detour into financial planning, Jon returned to Japango and has helped the business grow and become the fully realized sushi and seafood destination it is today, featuring an expanded menu and the largest selection of Japanese whiskey in town.

Did You Know?

  • Hats on hats on hats! These are a travel essential for Jon.
  • The music of the Pixies gets Jon through hectic days.
  • Jon’s favorite way to unwind is with a good bourbon in hand.

Allen Lim


Skratch Labs

After taking his childhood passion of bike riding and translating it into an immense education in the science of physiology and exercise, Allen was coaching professional cyclists on the Pro Cycling Tour when he began concocting solutions for athletes complaining that their run-of-the-mill sports drinks were making them sick. What started as an experimentation became Skratch Labs, a company that Allen bootstrapped and turned into the handmade alternative sports drink provider it is today.

Did You Know?

  • Allen gets his caffeine fix drinking green tea with lemon and honey.
  • Power snacks for Allen include bananas, carrots and cucumbers (all easy to hold in one hand!).
  • What’s coming through Allen’s earbuds? The greatest hits of Enya and Cher, of course.

Kevin McGarvey


Hippo Health

Raised by a family of physicians means that from a young age Kevin saw firsthand how limiting traditional clinical medical treatment can be. It’s this lack of direct, personalized care that he and his co-founders set out to remedy in starting Hippo Health. By going back to the basics, Kevin and the Hippo team leverage technology with their service that provides patients with unlimited, on-demand access to local expert medical care. Think of Hippo as having a doctor friend you can text whenever the need arises.

Did You Know?

  • The Gather Café at Boulder Galvanize fuels Kevin with coffee and power snacks throughout the day.
  • Whenever possible, you’ll find an outfit for climbing, skiing, biking, or running in Kevin’s travel luggage.
  • Spending time in the outdoors with family is Kevin’s ideal way to unwind.

William Guercio

Director of Development

Caribou Ranch

Elton John, Chicago, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, U2. These are all artists that visited the famous Caribou Ranch recording studio in Nederland in Boulder County over the years, a family business whose legacy Will is carrying on today. Working to preserve and tell the story of Caribou Ranch and its impact on music history, Will continues to find innovative ways to keep the lore alive by working with museums across the Front Range on Caribou Ranch exhibits and installations.

Did You Know?

  • A double shot of espresso and Epic Bison Bar get Will through the busiest of days.
  • Relaxation for Will comes as he’s watching the sunrise from his paddleboard on Brainard Lake.
  • Will is partial to listening to music from artists who recorded at Caribou Ranch, relishing in the unique sound of his family studio.

Vikas Reddy



Experimenting with computers became second nature to Vikas as a youth, as his father was a software engineer and he was consistently surrounded by new technology. His start-up, Occipital, is now working on teaching computers to see. Vikas believes that, by enabling computers to understand their surroundings through computer vision, they’ll unlock an entirely new kind of software that can actually be helpful in the real world.

Did You Know?

  • Lattes give Vikas the caffeine he needs in the morning.
  • For a sugar boost when traveling, Vikas reaches for a Snickers bar or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
  • Taking a long, hot shower at the end of the day doubles as a way for Vikas to relax and have quiet time to think up new ideas.