Beer Crafted Naturally 2

Gluten-free brewery New Planet starts its process with pure ingredients to provide high-quality, great-tasting brews.

New Planet president/general manager Pedro Gonzalez began experimenting brewing gluten-free ale in 2008 after he’d learned he was gluten intolerant. Not wanting to forgo the occasional beer and unhappy with what was available on the market, Gonzalez decided to try his hand at it. So, with the help of a good friend who knew the ropes of home brewing, he began testing the waters…quite literally. And then it was only a matter of time before he found himself at the leading edge of the gluten-free revolution.

“The blonde ale was a hit at my wife’s 40th birthday party in the spring of 2009, and we got more serious about the business side,” says Gonzalez.

A year later, bottles were available for sale in a test market of 20 accounts. After overwhelmingly positive feedback, he pursued a distribution deal for Colorado, and New Planet was born.

The brand’s traditional gluten-free beers are brewed solely from naturally gluten-free ingredients from start to finish. New Planet crafts multiple varieties of beers, all falling under two lines: gluten-free and gluten-reduced.

Gluten-reduced beers were later established to stay relevant to everyone wanting to reduce their intake, as the population of gluten intolerant people grows.

New Planet’s gluten-free beers are now brewed from Colorado millet that is sourced and malted in the state.

“We are proud to be a local brand that uses local grain. We also use gluten-free oats from Montana and non-GMO blue corn from Illinois. The corn comes from my wife’s family farm. Beyond that, the hops are from the Pacific Northwest (mostly Washington),” says Gonzalez. “And the water—it’s the best. Rocky Mountain Water which most of us take for granted.”

Gonzalez adds, “The gluten-reduced beer is [sourced] pretty much the same except that the barley comes from various Western states.”

Beverages are on shelves now at stores—find 6-packs bundled in aluminum cans for enhanced portability (i.e. trekking through the woods or after a long bike ride through the mountains).

“All the beers are tasting great. Probably better than ever before. We keep working to make great beer. If you have not tried us in awhile—give us a try again,” says Gonzalez.

2945 Center Green Court, Suite A-101