Ace of Space 10

The Studio (Boulder) is building a creative 
community inside an inspired workspace.

Co-founder Bill Goodrich describes his collection of shared workspaces as “an office for people who don’t work in an office. It’s a workshop for people who don’t have a workshop. And, it’s an art studio for artists who generate creativity from interaction, not just solo reflection.”

A truly unique space, The Studio (Boulder) was designed with an industrial chic mindset by artist and fellow Co-founder Jen Lewin. Lewin and Goodrich connected on a previous project years before hatching the idea for The Studio (Boulder), and together they discovered a need for a collaborative workspace. They wanted a place that would simultaneously allow for focused work as well as the opportunity to be a part of the greater community.

“One great aspect of The Studio is that it doesn’t cater to one group of individuals,” says Goodrich. “Who wants to be around a bunch of people doing the exact same thing they’re doing? People come here to work, but they come here for much more.”

One member of The Studio, Lisa McAlister, owns a boutique PR and Marketing agency that needed a home. “I meet with clients on a regular basis and needed a professional space to do that in that also fits my style versus a stuffy, rented conference room,” says McAlister. “I keep fairly regular office hours and always start my day with a cup of coffee from our awesome coffee maker. I catch up with co-workers that are around in our communal kitchen and then get to work. I am sometimes in and out to meet with clients or they come here for coffee and meetings. I have a private office so when we are really busy we can close the door and we’re heads down. Having the door open invites collaboration and conversation, which is always welcome. At the end of the day, I sometimes have a beer with coworkers and just wind down.”

“It’s tough for people who work for themselves or in micro-businesses to network, make friends, feel involved, and I think that’s what The Studio is for most everyone here,” says Goodrich.

The amenities as The Studio (Boulder) are what most cubicle dwellers could only dream of. In addition to a fiber internet connection and free coffee and beer, the space is complete with an Airstream Media Lounge; a trailer brought indoors for an informal meeting space with couches, a web-connected TV and the ability to catch a quick nap after a presentation or video call. Continuing to rejuvenate the chic warehouse aesthetic, The Studio has recently revamped a 3,000 square foot space to include an additional private work space, 10 more mezzanine located Mezz Desks, and a large area with Maker Stations geared toward painters, illustrators and other creative-types. The space also features two large center work tables for spreading out projects or holding workshops.

With all this to offer, there’s just one aspect that Goodrich says is the most unique offering of The Studio: “Parking. We have parking.”