Finding Your Tribe

Since graduating from college more than three years ago, I’ve learned a lot in the working world. Most importantly, the value of relationships.

During Boulder Lifestyle’s annual women entrepreneurs shoot hosted at Alpine Modern Cafe (The best avocado toast in town!) the event solidified the true value of making connections. Women in tech learned a thing or two from the entrepreneurs in fashion, and vice versa. Business cards were exchanged like confetti and glasses clinked as each girlboss shared their startup success story.

The feature story written by talented writer Jessi Hackett titled “Les Femmes,” shares each woman’s stories, successes and tidbits of advice.

Lindsey Laurain, the mind behind the now national brand ezpz, told her about her best piece of professional advice:

“Take joy in other people’s success.”

Sara Bercholz with Shambhala Publications/Roost Books had a refreshing way to overcome adversity:

“Be kind in every situation.”

And Carin Reich, the artist and a brand wiz with Carin Reich Studio, gave us her two cents on the best way to network:

Find your tribes and immerse yourself in those communities.

My tribe consists of mentors who have a way of guiding me through an unusual career path (Thank you, Kate Manz, Allyson Reedy and Katelyn Hutson). It consists of family members and friends who always offer an ear, and inspire fresh new ways of thinking. And of course, coworkers (Felicia Meyers, Robin Bond) who are superwomen and hustle in the office while also succeeding as a full-time student and a full-time mother.

Take time to thank your tribe, grow your tribe and enjoy your tribe.

This issue celebrates the ladies in your life, whether you’re working in the business world, taking on duties at home, or maybe a little bit of both, we celebrate you.

Until next time,

Dana Lapinel