Dust to Diamonds 7

Debbie Klein revamps her gallery after 17 years on Pearl Street & shares a bit about her new collection, Soulmate.

Before Debbie Klein could look ahead to her future of 17 successful years running thriving art gallery Art + Soul on Pearl Street, she knew she was meant to be in Boulder on her first visit.

“After a few days of exploring Boulder, I was in love with the town and the lifestyle,” says Klein. “I went back to New York, quit my job, subleased my apartment, packed up the cat and was here two months later.

“For six years before opening Art + Soul, I worked in other established galleries on Pearl Street. Most of the art represented in town at the time was Southwestern in genre. Boulder was changing, becoming very sophisticated with an influx of people from larger cities, and I realized that not everyone who lived in the mountains wanted paintings of them on their walls. I felt that there was a need for a more contemporary space representing emerging artists who were creating a different type of work …. And the community responded to us. The first year we were open we were voted ‘Boulder’s Best Gallery’ in a local paper’s reader poll.”

Over the years, Klein has found consistency in her clients’ desire for wedding and commitment jewelry. This sweet spot has been the catalyst for a few changes at Art + Soul, including the launch of a new collection, as well as a renovation to enhance their newest offerings.

“Regardless of the economy, people still get married,” says Klein. “The breadth and creativity that has transformed the very traditional market of wedding and commitment rings is what has inspired us to create our newest venture, Soulmate … a carefully curated collection of wedding and commitment jewelry featuring selections from many of the most unique and special designers working today.”

“I feel it is an honor to be involved with such a significant decision and piece of jewelry. There is an intimacy that comes with getting to know a couple and helping them to decide what they want. Buying a wedding or commitment ring can be intimidating, so we love making it accessible to people by educating them about stones and mountings, being respectful of budgets and lifestyles, and making the process relaxed and fun!” Says Klein.

To reflect the brilliance of their new jewelry options, Klein has remodeled her gallery to match. The makeover will be unveiled May 12th, rejuvenating her outlook for many more years of success on Pearl Street.

“We wanted to create a new space to feature this beautiful work, and to offer a fresh and comfortable environment for clients looking for these special occasion pieces,” says Klein. “The best part of what I do is connecting the perfect piece, either art or jewelry to my client … we have worked with couples to purchase their engagement and wedding rings, then been privileged to help them celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries and births. We have watched them grow up and become families. There is nothing more gratifying than that!”