The Golden Latte 2

’24 Karat Magic’ Served Hot on Pearl Street

We love trends. Log onto Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and you’ll see suggestions of ‘in the now’ headlines ranging from political events to the latest Kardashian fad. Some trends are welcomed and revered (hello avocado toast!), while others sit quietly in the corner while we grapple with the idea of pushing them straight out the door (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions). Currently trending on Pearl Street is the turmeric Golden Latte, the primrose-pigmented drink of 2017. When it comes to evolving trends in the holistic world, all that glitters is gold. So much in fact, that according to Google, turmeric tops the list of rising food trends from 2015 to the present. I sampled one for myself at one of my favorite Pearl Street namesakes, Wonder Press.

But first – facts. The Golden Latte refers to the non-caffeinated cousin of the beloved morning muse, espresso: turmeric, honey and (typically) a nut milk. Many drinkers see the this blonde beverage as both a feel-good and a great tasting alternative to the morning caffeine binge.

Unlike some herbal and superfood remedies, turmeric has the bite to back up its bark. The orange root tastes like a slightly bitterer ginger. It lends its canary color reminiscent of a picturesque Colorado sunset to the warm, steamy Golden Latte, making it not only healthy but vibrant and inviting too. Turmeric boasts anti-inflammatory properties and is a part of Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic approach to health that includes the use of all-natural ingredients such as herbs and roots.

The barista, Andie, pours me the first Golden Latte of the day. As someone who relishes that morning java, I was a tad apprehensive. The earthiness of the turmeric, however, is counteracted by the savory milk and sweet honey. I’m hooked. So is, apparently, everyone else. I see at least three more Golden Lattes before I’m off into the morning.

Though the Golden Latte has soared to the top of 2017’s trending topics, Wonder Press co-founder Robyn Knowlan sees this menu item holding strong. She remarks on the  “When a food is beautiful, delicious, simple and very nutritious I think it can outlast any trend.” Now that’s a Midas touch.