A Nourishing Practice 4

Kaiut Yoga

Achieving physical fitness so often has a rigorous connotation. We often feel like if we aren’t pushing our bodies to their physical limits and beyond, we aren’t working hard enough to get to that pinnacle of optimal health. Even yoga, an activity many turn to for relaxation and relief, often has this extreme sport slant and competitive edge.

Kaiut Yoga is a style of yoga practice popular in Brazil that has gained a loyal following at Yoga Loft in South Boulder. It’s a universal practice that promotes the joy and peace of improving mental and physical health by starting with the most basic of bodily functions, from circulation to blood pressure to joint health. Kaiut Yoga aims to nourish our bodies, not deplete them.

Jeff Bailey, owner of Yoga Loft in South Boulder, notes that the intensity of many styles of yoga is not the true intent of a healthy yoga practice.

“Yoga should do no harm,” says Bailey, “and Kaiut Yoga both challenges our idea of what yoga is and brings about predictable results.”

Bailey opened Yoga Loft as a sanctuary for those eager to practice yoga but who didn’t quite fit into other classes they’d tried. Meant to be a safe space where people could take part in accessible yoga practices, Yoga Loft was an ideal place to introduce Kaiut Yoga after Bailey began practicing with Kaiut Yoga creator Francisco Kaiut.

“We must learn to practice in a way that generates the movement we want, not what the body thinks it is limited to,” says Kaiut.

The Kaiut practice is both relaxing and active, simple and powerful. Focusing on purposeful movements and poses, it’s not flashy or fancy but is instead rooted in simply getting healthier from the inside out.

And the health benefits of Kaiut Yoga are immense. From discharging tension to using the muscles to bring healing attention to the joints, Kaiut Yoga breaks the patterns instilled in our bodies through our daily activities and reinvigorates them with mobility and youthfulness, allowing them to age gracefully, as it’s a sustainable practice that gets easier with time.

Kaiut Yoga’s popularity continues to spread, and this July will mark the beginning of the inaugural Kaiut Yoga teacher training at Yoga Loft, a class which has already garnered massive interest in the yoga community. To learn more about Kaiut Yoga, stop by Yoga Loft for an enriching, nourishing yoga experience.


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