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Colorado’s Local Home Host

The Front Range is a perfect storm of vacation excitement. From outdoor activities to nightlife, five-star restaurants, craft breweries, and more, the Boulder Valley offers a blend of everything on a vacationer’s wish list. So why not rent out your space while you’re out of town? Local business Home Host is a full-service, short-term rental management, and marketing company that expertly navigates the complex rental process on sites like Airbnb and VRBO.

Kate Young, a Boulder native, founded Home Host on the tails of a decade-long career in marketing. Young was helping friends and family post and rent their properties when she realized it was a full-time job, one with the potential to help local homeowners make extra income from an asset they already own.

“It’s not just about renting your home,” says Young. “It’s about selling the experience of living there.”

Today, Home Host’s clients enjoy increased personal revenue with zero stress while guests enjoy all the Colorado lifestyle has to offer. Young’s team takes care of every detail. They stage professional photo shoots to optimize views on rental websites. They manage each listing and coordinate with guests to ensure a seamless arrival and departure, even curating welcome baskets of local goodies unique to the property’s location. They offer personalized concierge services to help visitors take advantage of the local scene. Perhaps most importantly, they prepare and clean each home to ensure homeowners experience all the reward of a short-term rental with none of the hassle or stress.

“Clients are constantly amazed at how much Home Host can rent their home for in this high demand Colorado market,” says Young.

With the sheer amount of outdoor recreation, concerts, sporting events and festivals happening year-round, visitors clamor to experience Colorado’s Front Range and are willing to pay top dollar for it.

Tips & Tricks: How to Style Your Home for Rental

  • Embrace the opportunity to refresh your home and look at it as if 
 it’s for the first time.
  • Clear the clutter!
  • Choose accent items that add character
  • Play with textures and have fun mixing and matching.
  • Keep the space light and avoid using dark hues.
  • Use mirrors to visually expand and lighten a room.
  • Shop smart on a few signature items.
  • Bold is beautiful, so add a couple of eye-catching items for photos.