Eureka! 5

A fitting exclamation for burgers a few blocks south of normal (on Pearl).

Archimedes had his Eureka! moment in his bathtub. I had mine on Pearl Street.

A steady crowd runs left and right of Pearl and 10th streets as I walk in from the East. My first thought is how uniquely modern and inviting the facade and patio look, even from a block away. The full-length glass windows coupled with the sizable outdoor dining area seem to create an outdoor patron’s paradise; just add sun.

Eureka! is a relatively new eatery comfortably situated between Pearl Street staples such as Centro and Alpine Modern that dishes out artisan cocktails, homestyle fries, decadent desserts, and, of course, burgers.

Twists on this American classic abound as Eureka!’s culinary artists create concoctions pleasing to any palate complete with local ingredients to add some more Boulder to your burger. Fare from farms such as Open Prairie are regular additions to burgers such as the Bone Marrow. Pair with the sweet potato fries for a new take on an old classic.

“Boulder is all about being local, and that’s us,” general manager Natalie Stern remarks as we discuss local influence on both the decor and food items at Eureka!. Walls inside boast reclaimed Colorado wood, and a vividly painted chalkboard showcases the Flatirons, Ralphy the “Buff,” and a Pearl Street sign among other Boulder flare. Food staples such as beef and bread are both purchased locally, and beer and spirits are “predominately Colorado if not Boulder-specific.”

What struck me as unique about Eureka! is its versatility. Both the full meal feasters and the casual happy-hourers can find the perfect food-to-drink complement and vice versa. Libations like the Rosemary’s Ruby Red (my personal favorite) pair well with either the Osso Buco Riblets or, for larger appetites, the Jalapeno Egg Burger. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, the Chocolate Torte is the perfect indulgent treat.

Maybe this is centuries after the original Eureka! moment, but who says we can’t have a do-over? So move over, Archimedes. I’ll take a burger over a bathtub any day.