Designing a Life 15

Emily Tucker takes an interior look at the personal side of 
her design business.

Emily Tucker starts her day with a fresh cup of coffee, in the comfort of her home, where she has cherry-picked each item filling her space to fit her aesthetic. Surrounded by items that meet her specifications, everything is easy to clean and would stand the test of time, in style as well as durability. Less practical things have simply struck her as beautiful, and whether they’re child-friendly or not, if she loves the way it looks, it makes the cut. She describes her personal style as modern with a traditional twist, including a touch of humor, always keeping comfort in mind.

“I love a modern sofa, with a vintage rug,” says Tucker. “Or mixing a beautiful, important photograph with a five dollar painting you get at a flea market.”

Tucker’s husband has never objected to anything she has chosen to design their home’s interior spaces, and she considers him a saint for it. When it comes to her 9-month-old Jack, she’s reassured that he can’t yet talk, and has therefore decided to pretend that he loves everything she’s selected. Although when his mom was a teenager, Tucker wasn’t quite so silent about her own mother’s design choices, which lead her to feel the calling for her future career.

“Not my proudest moment, but when I was about 14, my mom redid the curtains in my room and didn’t tell me,” says Tucker. “I came home to curtains that were the same color as the walls, and I threw a fit! Like a hysterical tantrum because I was so disturbed by those curtains.”

Now running her own business Emily Tucker Design, Inc., Tucker gets to call the shots, at least as much as she can while blending her personal and professional lives while running a business from her home. With her morning coffee, she tackles feeding Jack and the dog, as well as answering emails. Tucker may spend a chunk of the day ordering fabrics, writing orders for custom pieces, finding vintage lighting, pulling samples from stone and tile stores or for curtain fabrics. By 4:30 she’s hoping to wrap up the work day by cleaning up her desk and preparing for the next day before returning to mom-mode. 
The next day, it’s another round of following her passion for what makes her tick.

“I know it sounds so cheesy, but I love being able to create spaces that kids will have their memories in,” says Tucker. “I have such vivid memories of my childhood home, the sofa in the living room and wacky coffee table in there that my dad made from an old plumbing conduit, so it feels really good to help create spaces that families will use and love.”