DeHaven’s Haven 4

Shop owner Michelle DeHaven shares the inspirations behind opening her boutique, Haven.

Michelle DeHaven opens the doors to her shop, and she waits. She waits for the customers to come, waits eagerly for their reactions. She waits to see if all her hard work will pay off.

It’s 11 a.m. but her day has hardly 
just begun. Well before opening the shop, DeHaven has already tackled brand research, answering emails, posting to social media. After-hours she’ll then end her day well after closing with further groundwork; scrolling through Instagram for inspiration and managing her online shop. In between all of that, the doors to Haven open, and DeHaven and her treasures wait.

The store is filled with unique finds, all hoping for a customer to decide they’re a must-have; to discover them as special the same way DeHaven considered it something extraordinary enough to stock in the shop.

“My absolute favorite thing is to road trip and treasure hunt,” says DeHaven.

“I road trip with my husband for vintage and found objects, seek out indie companies at the markets in LA and NYC, and constantly research and test small batch makers of all things food and apothecary.”

Each new day DeHaven opens shop eager to connect with her customer base. Her passion for retail stems from the endless opportunity to have a chat with a broad range of people.

“In Boulder, more than anywhere else I have lived or traveled, you never know quite how sophisticated, educated, artistic, imaginative, interesting someone is based on appearances,” says DeHaven. “My best customers range from 80 plus-year-old grande dames to tatted-up skater boys. Appearances do not predict taste or style in Boulder, Colorado.”

Opened this past September, DeHaven describes her store as a lifestyle shop, focused on things for the home. She teases offerings on her elegantly designed Instagram page, reflecting a dreamy aesthetic reminiscent of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, although one that’s much more affordable.

“I have such a wide variety of items in the shop; it’s an endless source of inspiration,” says DeHaven. “One moment I can post about vintage Italian brass and patent leather chairs, the next, adaptogenic dusts to add to your smoothie.”

DeHaven has designed a boutique full of items just waiting for someone who thinks what they’ve found at Haven truly belongs in their own personal haven. She is committed to keeping her stock curated to surprise and delight her clientele.

“My customers enjoy things that are unique, soulful, well-done,” says DeHaven. “I hope to never disappoint them by becoming predictable.”