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Colorado Heli-Ops

For anyone who sat on the floor in a cardboard box as a kid with a pair of goggles strapped on and arms outstretched as you “soared” over plains and mountain ranges, experiencing the Colorado skies via helicopter is an approachable, breathtaking, and, at its core, immensely safe endeavor thanks to local company Colorado Heli-Ops.

“Colorado is a beautiful place to fly, live, and play,” says David Dziura, Chief Pilot with Colorado Heli-Ops. “We love offering tours because it’s our chance to share the beauty, amazement, and thrill of flying over the Flatirons in Boulder or the Denver skyline with many people.”

Colorado Heli-Ops was founded in 2009 when owner Dennis Pierce decided that the aviation industry needed to be reminded of the utmost importance of training pilots to the highest standards of professionalism, safety, and best flying practices. Starting out primarily as a flight training company, Colorado Heli-Ops has grown to encompass a wide range of day-to-day operations, from transport and charter flights to scenic tours, aerial photography outings, animal counting missions and much more. Whether you’re looking to impress the aviation enthusiast in your life with the gift of a hands-on “discovery flight,” seriously elevate your date night or special occasion celebration, or perhaps even have a swoon-worthy mid-air engagement, Colorado Heli-Ops offers a unique aviary opportunity that your inner adventurer will rejoice at.

Flying with Colorado Heli-Ops brings the term “friendly skies” to a new level. Deeply rooted in their mission to exhibit the best practices in the helicopter industry, Colorado Heli-Ops translates that professionalism and friendliness to their guests as well.

“Each operation is different,” says Dziura, “so every request is handled specifically to determine the needs of the client. We’re able to create personal relationships with our customers by sharing our love for what we do.”

Tours are just one aspect of Colorado Heli-Ops’ business. Harkening back to their focus on the highest quality flight training, they likewise offer programs for hobbyists, professionals looking to switch careers, and military veterans seeking to fly in a civilian industry.

Stop by the Colorado Heli-Ops Broomfield hangar to learn more about how you can discover and participate in a remarkable airborne experience.