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Hannah Howard broke into the local lettering scene with her loopy and organic lines. Now she helps others find their voice and express their own style of calligraphy.

In honor of interviewing a calligrapher, I decided to whip out a pen and draft Hannah Howard’s story by hand. Of course, it’s (much) faster to draft on a laptop, but after talking with Howard about her lifelong passion for handwriting and fonts, it sparked an interest to appreciate an overlooked art form: written language.

“I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing,” says Howard when referring to her relatively new business Ink + Root.

Howard, a self-taught, left-handed calligrapher, started Ink + Root in March of 2016 after moving a mile high.

The Louisiana native formerly worked as a creative director and stylist but, along with the big move, decided to seek new beginnings with her career.

With newcomer confidence (while ignoring self-doubt) Howard sent out networking emails to the local wedding scene to share her nontraditional, organic calligraphy style. Many meetings later, she connected with a network that encouraged her to start her own business.

Howard planted her seed at Union27, a coworking space for wedding and event professionals, and since then the year has been a whirlwind. Back at the root of it all was selecting a meaningful name.

“Ink is what I do, but rooted is who I am,” says Howard.

Rooted in her new community, she’s spent the last year adding her personal artistic touch to weddings, and has established her name in the local lettering scene.

Howard also teaches introduction to modern calligraphy workshops. As you’d expect, they’ve been a hit.

During the workshops, “everyone is on the same page, learning something new,” says Howard.

If you’re interested in discovering your style of calligraphy, start with Ink + Root Introductory course. Starting in March Howard will also be offering intermediate classes that will focus on creative design and spacing.

But step one is learning your ABC’s.