Mountain Meets Modern 10

How Rodwin Architecture designed a modern treehouse home.

Think about the little haven structures of your childhood, the hideaways that you imagined up, constructed, and took delightful refuge in. Maybe it was a perpetually cozy igloo, a sand castle where the waves never breached the walls, or perhaps a super-secret fort (made out of only the finest, softest of throw pillows and blankets, of course). Boulder-based Rodwin Architecture recently took one such fantastical idea and, through innovative design and sustainability-driven creativity, rooted it in reality in the Boulder residential home they call the “Treehouse.”

Firm believers in transparent and exceptionally high-quality service for their clients, Rodwin Architecture is unique in the fully integrated, architect-led design/build process to which it adheres.

“Over the last 18 years, we’ve found that the design/build process delivers tremendous value to our clients,” says Scott Rodwin, AIA, LEED AP, Principal at Rodwin Architecture. “These clients presented us with a very challenging site, and their first question was, ‘Is it buildable?’ The ability to bring a construction perspective into the conceptual design solution was essential.”

With an additional focus on the incorporation of meaningful sustainability into the design, Rodwin Architecture and their building arm, Skycastle Construction, worked together to find a creative solution to keep the design cost-effective while maintaining a high level of quality and craftsmanship.

According to Rodwin, the conceptual design of Treehouse was determined and driven by the steep geography of the property. This mountainous landscape led to themes of ascension and openness in the home. Greeting you at the main entrance on the base level, the home features a sculptural hickory staircase that graciously takes you up and into the bright, spacious Great Room, capitalizing on the breathtaking views and natural light. The home gives the feeling of floating above the terrain, a feature enhanced when enjoying a balmy summer night on the expansive front deck.

“Every part of the house contains an amazing architectural moment,” says Brandon David, Vice President of Design/Build at Rodwin & Skycastle.

With an overall warm modern feel, the home is livable, practical, and precisely customized to fit the owners’ taste and lifestyle. From the details of the rich, natural materials including granite, wood, stucco, and stone, to the airiness of the open floor plan, the home is clean, contemporary, and stunning, while also blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

According to the homeowners, their personal Treehouse home makes them feel like they’re on vacation every day. Through the quality of workmanship, ingenuity, and spectacular design, Rodwin Architecture has, with the Treehouse project, created a quintessentially modern mountain home to envy.