Materials Matter 4


BeeCareNatura Honey and Propolis Hand Cream is mild, moisturizing and contains propolis which can help heal small cracks and irritations on the skin. It also contains beeswax and honey, which lock in moisture. This light yet rich hand cream contains high grade botanicals including macadamia nut oil and rosemary leaf extract. Honey Hand Cream also provides a very mild honey scent suitable for both men and woman. It leaves hands and feet feeling moisturized and nourished.


Nova Chocolate

Nova Chocolate begins with exceptional cacao beans, harvested and roasted at their origin using traditional techniques. Working directly with farmers, we help promote sustainable communities while creating chocolate of unsurpassed quality and purity. Every creation is a delicacy, reflecting the flavor of its origin and the integrity of its ingredients. Simple, sustainable, and delicious.


Alpine Modern Lambswool Beanie

Merino lambswool. Perfect for every season thanks to it’s exceptionally soft and lightweight fibers. This beanie is designed and crafted for the extremes, yet breathable and functional enough to cover your noggin in Summer.


Dram Apothecary Pine Herbal Soda

We craft our Pine Soda using wild foraged Evergreen needles we harvest ourself from the Colorado forests. DRAM Pine Soda is deliciously unusual, the taste of the great outdoors. The flavor profile is bright and unexpectedly citrusy with warm woody notes of Evergreen forest. Enjoy over ice or mix into cocktails. Gluten Free, No GMO’s, Vegan, All Natural.


Wooly Wax Soy Candles

Wooly Wax Candles are made from 100% natural soy wax from U.S. grown soybeans, which create a longer, cleaner burn. 8 oz. Their candles have a burn time of approximately 55 – 65 hours