During our monthly planning meeting (dubbed ‘Deadlines & Donuts’) we collectively had a million ideas for the theme, Arts & Culture.

As much as we would love to feature so many of the talented artists, all using different mediums, we narrowed it down to a few makers for this month. They are creative forces that are unstoppable, and they invited us into their homes and studios to pick their brains (Say Hello To, pg. 56).

There’s also now art behind every street corner (literally), which is why we featured And Art Space, founded by the talented Leah Brenner, who is introducing local talent to businesses who want to beautify the urban landscape (Street Art, pg. 74).

And as you know, art can’t be defined. Who says food is not art? What about music? We got a taste of the local food culture with prominent local chefs who shared their favorite eats around town (Where Chefs Eat, pg. 36).

Even Yonder Mountain took time out of their busy schedule, due to their new album release, to sit down with us for a more personal look into the lives of two neighborhood band members (Front Range Roots, pg. 52).

If one thing is for certain, we will have an endless list of creatives to feature throughout this year. We hope you enjoy and that this issue sparks your creativity.