Artist Profile | Wyeth Shawn Lawton Talmon 6

See how young artist Wyeth Shawn Lawton Talmon 
lets his imagination drive his creative process.

When it comes to art, you’re never too old—or too young—to start. We sat down with a young creative mind to hear about his artistic process. Meet Wyeth Shawn Lawton Talmon. (He happens to be named after Andrew Wyeth, one of his mother’s favorite artists.)

How did you start creating 
your characters?

I started creating my characters when I was in my art class at school. We had free time drawing. I started sketching the wolf first because wolves are one of my favorite animals. Then more creatures started to emerge from there like a cat, a panda, an owl, a penguin and a new creature called a Randler from the show GMM (Good Mythical Morning). The other characters come from some of my friends and my other favorite animals and activities like my love for skateboarding.

How would you describe your work?

My work is a culmination of my quirky, funny, whimsical personality and my love of quality and detailed characteristics of the subject matter I am drawing.

How would you say your artistic process evolved?

I started drawing when I was around four years old. Most of what I drew then were cars, trucks, and anything with wheels, basically boxes with wheels. As I grew up and learned more about art from my mom, grandmother, and school, art became more detailed, and I found that I truly loved drawing almost anything. My process usually involves being in a quiet space or listening to my favorite music. I like to sit at my desk or in a comfy chair to draw my inspirations. I use a Sketchbook and my iPad sometimes.

Can you describe your style and use of color?

My style comes from my imagination and my love of sketching with quality pencils and pens. My favorite drawing pencil is a Blackwing Pearl or Lamy Scribble. My style of drawing comes from my attention to detail whether it is on a vehicle or my animals characteristics. My use of color comes from my love of the colors gray and blue. I tend to use those colors first before adding in any other colors.

What is your process when starting a new project?

I sketch my ideas out with pencil before I add any pen and ink. Once my sketch is where I want it to be, I add pen for the outline and a gray brush marker to fill in the spaces.

Where do you currently draw your inspiration?

My interest in vintage and new cars, my quirky dog, woodland and sea animals, things I experience every day, and my friends and our favorite activities. I also gather inspiration from Instagram. I like to see what inspires others and their projects.

Any 2017 artistic goals?

One of my artistic goals at Manhattan Middle School is to finish my silk screen design for my T-shirt project.