Wholly Healthy, Wholly Fulfilled 2

Living The Well Life

According to Briana Borten and Dr. Peter Borten, leading a balanced, fulfilling life is not about quick fixes or life hacks. Owners of The Dragontree in Boulder and co-authors of their new book, The Well Life, the Bortens, whose backgrounds include massage therapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, Ayurveda, psychology, and more, strive to educate readers on how to fill their life to the brim with everything they love and to feel empowered by it, not overwhelmed.

Lisa: How did you come to write The Well Life? What inspired it?

Briana: Over the years, we’ve built up our spas and grown our company to include many divisions. In the meantime, we’ve also had kids, gone back to school, traveled, had lots of fun, taken care of ourselves, and kept it all balanced. This all came naturally to us, and it was only when people started asking, “How do you guys do so much without going crazy?” that we realized it was somewhat unusual.

Peter: We noticed a similar trend in clients. Many of them were healthy by the “usual” standards, but they couldn’t figure out how to build the life they really wanted while staying balanced. We saw so much potential, people with a tremendous capacity for so many things that for whatever reason wasn’t being actualized.

Briana: This prompted us to revise the way we define wellness. A truly well life includes qualities like the ability to set and achieve goals, having healthy and supportive relationships, and work that allows us to utilize our gifts. As this “big picture” definition emerged we developed a way of teaching our clients to create this life, and that led to this book.

Lisa: What is the book’s overall message?

Briana: The Well Life is a manual on how to build a happy, healthy, balanced, successful life. We give instructions and exercises to help readers establish a strong foundation in physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Peter: Of course each person’s experience of total wellness is unique, so we also guide the reader to figure out what exactly their well life would look like.

Lisa: How do your three focuses in the book, Sweetness, Structure, and Space, directly affect maintaining this life?

Briana: All three elements are essential. Sweetness is our term for all the things that nourish your body and soul, like cooking, connecting with friends, anything that makes you stronger and more authentically you.  For most people, the sweetness is what makes life good, yet it’s often regarded as a treat that can be sacrificed if life gets busy.

Peter: Structure refers to the organizational architecture that enables you to manage your life and get things done. The key is making our structure more conscious, healthy, and intelligent. A healthy structure steers you in the direction of your dreams and allows for a journey that’s meaningful and fun.

Briana: Space gives you the ability to really understand the depths of your potential. It offers you the capacity to receive, reflect, adjust, heal, and grow. Bring your presence to this moment. Stop the habit of mentally departing from what you’re engaged in.

Lisa: What do you hope readers gain from your book? What are your goals for it?

Briana: We hope they see the book as a resource they can depend on for the rest of their lives. We aim to guide them back to balance and remind them of how to consciously create an exceptional life.

Peter: We believe the world will inevitably be a healthier, happier place as more people do this work and embody their power.