The Somm's Locker 1

A unique wine service with Master Sommelier Brett Zimmerman 
providing comprehensive consultation and advice based on wine lovers’ 
individual desires, in addition to cellaring and food pairing suggestions.

Brett Zimmerman, Master Sommelier and owner of Boulder Wine Merchant, says, “I’m often asked ‘What are you drinking?’ or ‘What are you putting away in the cellar?’” The wines Zimmerman generally requests for his store are typically more than it can afford for its general stock. In order to solve this problem and procure more specialty, high-end bottles, Zimmerman curated a select group of wine collectors, comprised of loyal customers and friends, he knew would appreciate the hard-to-find wines with steep discounts as much as he would.

The Somm’s Locker is designed to help people with accumulating and relishing wine at any level.

“This monthly offering is comprised of a mixed selection of top allocated wines from the Boulder Wine Merchant with special 20% discounting for those in the group—a remarkable savings considering many of these wines are very rare and would normally not be eligible for any sort of discounting,” says Zimmerman.

And for those without proper cellaring at home, storage is offered at Corkscrews.

Zimmerman goes above and beyond to provide the utmost level of attentive service, in addition to offering a monthly selection of core wines, he also includes a cyclic write-up and report consisting of tasting notes, educational information, cellaring tips and more.

“We have a wide range of people in the group, most are just wine lovers who want to learn more and have a Master Sommelier help with curating a great collection of wine—at any budget,” adds Zimmerman. “We originally started with minimum requirements of $1000 or $2000 per month, but we have relaxed the program a bit now that we have added more members and built the template. Most are at $1000 per month, with the entry level starting at $500 per month.”

Additionally, members can partake in special classes, along with receiving preferential seating at fine wine events and tastings, and steep glassware discounts to enhance experience enjoyment.

“We truly tailor each program according to the specific customer,” adds Zimmerman.

Brett Zimmerman

Boulder Wine Merchant