Off-Season is here! 7

Train like the Pro’s: A Road Map to Transforming your Golf Game this Winter

Another golf season in the bags. Most players see this as the time to hang up their clubs and pull out the skis. This is a common thought process for us weekend golfers but, with leadership from the Titleist Performance Institute, RallySport has developed a performance golf off-season training program.

Off-season is the best time to work on your game; so let’s challenge the typical thought-process and allow you the opportunity to be a significantly different golfer come April.

Below are a few introductory movements that you can help get started. We have found these exercises to be helpful for players of all levels and a great way to get started on your path to success this off season.

**Note: If you have any health concerns/issues please contact your physician before attempting these exercises.


Open Books (T-spine/mid back mobility)

• Lie on your right side in the fetal position.
• Using your right hand, hold your knees firm to the floor, extend your left arm out in front of your chest, open your chest to the sky and reach your left shoulder blade and hand towards the ground.
• Keeping your arm straight, hold for a two-second count and then return your left-hand back to the floor.
• Repeat for 12 repetitions per side.

Windshield Wipers (Internal and external hip mobility)

• Lie on your back with bent knees.
• While keeping your knees bent, widen your feet as far as possible and take your arms out to your side to keep your upper back stable to the floor.
• Slowly take your knees side to side together, getting them as low to the ground as possible. Hold for two seconds at the bottom of each repetition.
• Alternate sides for 10 per side.

Stability/Muscular Engagement

Birddog (Core and back stability)

• Position yourself on your hands and knees.
• Lift your right arm and left leg, elevating them until they are flat and in-line with your spine
• Hold firmly in this extended position, then slowly connect your right elbow to your left knee in a crunching motion.
• Repeat for 10-12 repetitions per side.

Single Leg Dumbbell Golf Backswing 
(Balance & rotational core engagement)

  • Stand with your left leg down (right leg up) in your 5 iron golf posture take two light dumbbells in your hands.
  • Turn your left palm facing you and your right palm facing up.  SLOWLY take both dumbbells into your backswing position.
  • Slowly return them back down to your set up position.  Look for each repetition to take at least 5 seconds.
  • Repeat for 8/side

Co-Owner of RallySport Health & Fitness in Boulder (, Dillon Johnson is Level 3 Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and Certified by the Personal Training Academy Global.