Food & 

There is something so special about gathering together over a meal. With a ridiculous amount of restaurants and cafés per capita, breaking bread together in Boulder County is a ceremonious act.

Andy and I recently had the privilege of sharing a beautiful meal and evening with the Lifestyle Publications team at our home. As guests started to arrive, the kitchen became the de facto gathering place. Just before we were ready to serve dinner, I noticed that the living room was completely empty, with the exception of our black lab, laying sprawled in front of the wood-burning fireplace.

My inspiration and love of cooking started  at a young age with my Mamma Jean. While she has since passed on, the fond memories linger like the finish of a great glass of wine. Her cookie cutters and other utensils carry on in our pantries and drawers. One of her Christmas Eve traditions was serving prime rib to our family. To carry on this tradition, we recently cooked our first prime rib in our home. Contrary to popular belief, you can pick up a 17-pound hunk of red (grass fed) beef just down the road at Alfalfa’s.

Whether grabbing breakfast burritos at Blackbelly with a group of friends on the way to Eldora, or making cookies at home with your kids, there is something about food that connects us all.

Thank you for reading and may 2017 bring health and happiness to you and yours!

Kate Manz