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White Hawk Ranch Kitchen Remodeled BY WILLIAM OHS

Entertaining a large gathering of friends. Hosting dinner and drinks. Cooking for the family and enjoying a quiet night at home. Working on the computer with a cup of coffee in hand. These are a few of the needs addressed and enhanced by the lower level and main floor kitchen remodels in this White Hawk Ranch home east of Boulder. The culmination of a long working relationship and ongoing project of renovating the home room by room, these kitchen remodels were a collaborative effort between the homeowners, Casey St. John Interiors, and William Ohs, exemplifying open and inviting yet intimate designs conducive to any occasion.

“People really live in their kitchens,” says Patti Danzig of William Ohs. “They don’t want something trendy, so we work to make the connection between the beauty of the space and how it functions.”

Keenly attuned to the personalities and lifestyle of the homeowners, each of these remodels is designed to both enhance their day-to-day family lives and deliver on special occasions.

The lower level kitchen, inspired by the homeowners’ vast world travels, features warm wood finishes, the juxtaposition of leather and metal details, and antique pieces to give it an inviting feel. While the lower level floor plan was adjusted to accommodate easier access to the space, the main floor kitchen remodel involved an overhaul on an even larger scale.

“Originally, there was a floor to ceiling pass through partition wall that separated the kitchen from the living room,” says Joanne Brutsch with Casey St. John Interiors. “We took that whole wall out, making it a more open, unified entertainment space.”

A blend of warm, creamy white cabinetry and rustic wooden beams brightens the new main level kitchen while also giving it a worldly vibe. There are multiple focal points within the kitchen to serve as gathering spaces, from the massive Calcutta marble island to the cozy breakfast nook. Each piece and its placement is multifunctional and rich in character.

The main floor kitchen is not without its high tech enhancements as well. From windows that allow the breakfast nook to open up onto the backyard patio to a large screen that lowers into the kitchen from the attic above for entertaining purposes, the remodel is adaptable to any situation.

According to Danzig, knowing exactly how you use your kitchen is vital to creating these individualized spaces. Cook your favorite meal to see what parts of the kitchen are most important to you and most often used. Ensuring that function is balanced with tranquility of design makes kitchen remodels such as these a reflection of the unique needs and lifestyle of the homeowners.