The Art of the Bar 2

Continuing our styled bar cart saga with The Boulder Creative Collective, here’s something repurposed with a purpose.

Tis the season to “eat, drink and be merry.” And what goes hand-in-hand with that old saying is entertaining. From December first to January first most people are expecting family members and friends to come visit in hordes. Turning what’s normally your home into a Holiday bed and breakfast. As we frantically sat on Pinterest in panic mode trying to get those DIY home projects off the to-do list and made in real life, we realized that if there’s one thing any home shouldn’t be missing, it is the 2016 loved fad – a styled bar cart. Don’t be the one to miss the train on this trend.

Keeping in mind the last thing anyone wants to do this month is buy more things, we teamed up with the women behind The Boulder Creative Collective and came up with a new concept: repurposing with a purpose.

There’s different ways to style a bar cart (even if it’s temporary) with items lying around the home. In this case, we used a crate and a simple table stand. Voilà – a winter wonderland bar cart featuring a woodland creature and an adorable arctic friend. Kelly Cope Russack, one of the creators of The Boulder Creative Collective, gave us some tips on how to do-it-yourself.

Tips for creating your own bar cart:

  • Locate a table or a shelf that can be available for your gathering
  • Look for candles or vases
  • Linens are also a great texture (especially if they’re patterned)
  • Glassware: look for a good statement piece–color or ornate. Offer a few options since most people drink different things.
  • Ice bucket:  always classic. Look for a cool bowl, or a pot for easy ice access. If you’re lucky enough, use your own bucket.
  • Flowers, ornaments, or figurines for personality and beauty.
  • Lastly, a seat or stool is nice for extra storage space.