That's a Wrap

We asked our friends down at Alpine Modern how they perfected the craft of wrapping. Here are their steps for turning a gift into a picture perfect present.

We believe in quiet design in all things, including our gift wrapping. With this in mind we select simple, yet elegant, wrapping material. This includes a medium-weight dark green paper with a subtle stripe, classic black ribbon, an Alpine Modern sticker. Sharp scissors and double sided tape are necessary to achieve the clean look.

| Pro Tip |

If you can put your gift in a box it’s a huge help in giving you a firm work space and avoid lumpy packages.


Cut enough paper to fit your package.  A great cheat is to use gridded wrapping paper.


Double sided tape is one trick that we use at Alpine Modern to make our packages have a seamless elegance.


Tucking under edges and creasing firmly gives your package a nice sharp edge and polished look.


Folding in the sides is an important step that takes a minute to finesse—don’t rush this.  Hug the paper so it’s snug to the box and make a sharp crease. Use the double sided tape to make everything lay nice and flat.


Once your sides are in place it’s time to cut your ribbon.  We keep it simple here too, no bows or frill, just a flat angled edge taped down.


Just where the ribbon edges meet we add an Alpine Modern sticker to complete the package. If you’re wrapping at home, consider finding some fun stickers to add a little whimsey to your gift wrapping.