Here’s a little holiday recipe to test out on your new bar cart from expert Nate Camelio of Garnish Bartending, a mobile boutique bartending business.

“I wanted to highlight Colorado spirits, especially Spirit Hounds because they are like family to me,” says Camelio. “I also chose this drink because bourbon is my liquor of choice and I love creating seasonal old fashions. Depending on the season and what is in season, I create my old fashioned around what’s fresh and use local products as much as I can.”


The Goods

■ an apple (sliced)

■ luxardo cherry

■ orange wedge

■ herbal bitter

■ FYR liqueur by J & L Distilling

■ whiskey

How To

Soak a sliced apple in 8oz Spirit Hound white 
 dog moonshine

■ Combine 1/2 of the moonshine sliced apple, 
 1 luxardo cherry, 1 orange wedge, 4 dashes 
 of herbal bitter, and .25oz FYR liqueur by J & L 
 Distilling in a shaker.

■ Muddle.

■ Add 2oz Spirit Hound whisky, ice and shake.

■ Strain into old fashioned glass over new ice.

■ Garnish with cinnamon stick, placing directly 
 in drink.

■ Enjoy!