Trick or Treat

October has been, and will always be, my favorite month. A large part of this has to do with the silliest holiday of all time, Halloween. Each year my five-year-old self is resurrected all month long, and the vibrant feelings of excitement still haven’t left my soul.

I mean, who doesn’t love getting creative with a cool costume? It’s the one night of the year you can be whomever—or whatever—you want. It’s the time of year that little ghouls inspire you to embrace your inner child.

I plan on re-watching every possible cult classic horror movie, decorating inside and out, visiting a haunted house and, of course, baking spooky sweets. However, there is one horror to All Hallows Eve that is hard to deny: the extra temptation and weight most of us put on. I would even argue that Halloween kicks off that “holiday bod” we’re all so desperately trying to avoid. So, instead of focusing on sweets and candy, we decided to turn October around and made this issue all about health and wellness.

We met with three local Olympians and discussed their achievements at this year’s big event hosted in Brazil. Their inspiring stories and comments are definitely worth reading about.

There’s also a feature about the newest bike craze—gravel grinding. Personally, a fad that I don’t think will go out of style anytime soon.

Finally, there’s a color trend report from A Bit Lovely, and our huge fashion shoot blending fashion and interior design. This is a project we have been anxiously waiting to share!

The seasons may change but certain things will always remain the same—like loving a ridiculous holiday. 

We hope you enjoy this health-themed October issue. It’s a bit of a trick but also a treat for your fitness goals.