Into the Wild 9

Jaguar F-PACE takes luxury to new terrain.

In 2008, Land Rover and Jaguar—historically an on-again, off-again pairing—merged once again, and it seems, this time around, there is more than just lot space being shared. No doubt, this most recent merger has inspired Jaguar to extend beyond the sports car and utilize shared technology to release the F-PACE. Jag enthusiasts that have been propelling the idea of an SUV, unwilling to give up the versatility and power of Jaguar driving.

Nothing beats the grip of Jaguar sports cars.

Thus, the F-PACE is like no other SUV and drives true to Jaguars sport style. At its sport performance core, Jaguar has managed to distribute the structure’s weight to a near perfect 50:50 balance, allowing for that road-hugging and seamless ride sports car drivers desire. Fully loaded, this powerful gas engine runs zero to sixty in 5.1 seconds.

Mountain terrain and winter storms are fears of the past in this SUV; even at -40* F, the F-PACE will maintain its competence. Constructed primarily of aluminum—80 percent—the structure is lightweight and incredibly durable. Adaptive Dynamics analyze the driver’s style and conditions allowing the F-PACE to modify suspension and ensure comfort.

There is no doubt the F-PACE will be Porsche Cayenne’s worthiest competitor. At a lower cost with higher engine power, this AWD is leading in space, versatility and performance. Style is also up for grabs. While this is the company’s first go at the SUV, every inch of the interior and exterior upholds the architectural respect of Jaguar. Custom styling options are endless, making each F-PACE a one-of-a-kind.

Equipped with a panoramic sunroof, surround sound and four memory settings to effortlessly interchange driver and passenger positioning, the F-PACE is more than road-trip worthy. General rule: If my dad is comfortable riding as a backseat passenger from Denver to San Francisco, anyone will be.

  • The ‘teardrop’ shape is emphasized by a tapered roofline and enhances aerodynamics.
  • Gesture Tailgate enables the driver to operate the tailgate, without needing to physically touch either the vehicle or the key fob. Present your foot under one of the car’s rear flanks and the tailgate opens or closes automatically.
  • The F-PACE is equipped with Stop/Start technology and smart regenerative charging—harvesting kinetic energy from braking to charge the battery—for maximum economy, especially during urban driving.