WHO | Greg Mionske

WHAT  | Commercial & Editorial Photographer


  | @greg_mionske

  1. Nikon D800 – This camera is a resolution monster that does extremely well in low-light without breaking the bank. It’s also light enough and small enough to carry while cycling, climbing and running—so as long as you have the proper bag for it.
  2. Nikon Lenses – I prefer the fast glass and would much rather have a prime lens over a zoom. Having said that, I’ve made plenty of quality photographs with a plastic, $85 50mm lens. I very rarely shoot much wider than 24mm. I’m not a fan of distortion at all.
  3. Apple MacBook Pro – I could use a PC, but I often work from coffee shops and everybody knows you can’t roll up to Boxcar with a Dell.
  4. Profoto B1 – These are some really expensive lightbulbs, but for good reason: They have a beautiful quality of light and are super easy to use on-location.
  5. Mountainsmith Pack – You need someplace to put all of this equipment and the Mountainsmith Pack is my go-to. It has plenty of room for all my gear (laptop and strobe included), yet it still flies overhead on the airplane, which is mandatory if you’re traveling with photo gear.
  6. Nike Flyknit Chukka – The Flyknit Chukka has been part of my uniform for four years now. I wouldn’t say they are absolutely essential to being a photographer, but maybe if someone from Nike see’s this plug, I’ll get Flyknits for life.
  7. Santa Cruz Stigmata – My greatest distraction from work.
  8. Miniature Toy Fawn – An inside joke from a shoot that has turned into somewhat of a superstitious, good luck charm that never leaves my camera bag. Fun fact: Newborn fawns emit no detectable scent, which makes them the most innocent creatures known to man.