Stay Golden 9

Two sisters, one bus & lots of rad vintage with Old Gold

Natalie and Allie Toth have a vision — making vintage more accessible, approachable and as green as possible. Originally from Arizona, the sister duo recently reunited in Colorado and brought their originally online-based business, Old Gold, on the road. For two years, they have been hunting for quality vintage and selling it on Instagram and Etsy. But, after finding a bus that suited their style, Natalie and Allie have been traveling across Colorado and beyond to share their passion with the masses.

Riley: How did this idea begin for ya’ll?

Allie: We’ve always been sisters, always been thrifters and always loved vintage. We always wanted to have a boutique growing up, and then we realized how expensive that is so then we gravitated toward this truck idea. It’s so expensive to have a boutique, especially in Boulder and especially on Pearl Street, so [we thought] let’s just start with a bus! And then eventually we can grow into a store.

Natalie: I’m even thinking another bus and then we can work more on our online sales. Originally, we were focused on “boutique, boutique, boutique” but now …

Allie: …[n]ow we really like the bus, and it’s fun to drive around!

Riley: Are there difficulties or challenges surrounding where you can park your bus?

Allie: It’s more lenient here in Boulder than in Denver, but you couldn’t, for example, just park on Pearl Street and be in business. We’re kind of figuring our ways to maneuver around and figuring out where we can park. We’ve made a lot of connections with local breweries and [Natalie’s] husband owns a restaurant, so we just pop-up and sell there. And then it’s a fun atmosphere in general — drinking beer and buying vintage!

Riley: What’s your strategy when thrifting?

Allie: We just know. As we sell more and more things on the bus, we are realizing what people like between what sells and what people are asking for. Just knowing — picking up something and recognizing its quality and seeing it as something that people will appreciate. We’ve worked in the fashion industry recently, myself at Buffalo Exchange and Natalie at Common Threads.

Natalie: And now we know what to look for because of what people were buying. We almost shop differently for ourselves now because we inspect everything to ensure good quality items.

Riley: Do you have spots you frequent when thrifting?

Allie: We’ll typically stop in a thrift store on the way to the hot springs and it’s always the random, weird, small places that are the best!

Natalie: We’ll find good leather, good jewelry, good cowboy boots in places like that. We’re branding ourselves slowly in terms of our inventory. We have become more curated, western and bohemian.

Riley: Being sisters, do you find pros and cons that come with that?

Allie: We’ve always been close. I recently moved to Colorado from Europe. We spent a lot of time apart, so we feel we are making up for lost time while we do this. Rekindling a friendship we had while we were younger. And obviously, we fight …

Natalie: …[a]nd make up very quickly!

Allie: Like the same day we’ll call each other and apologize. [both laugh] But I think [being sisters] makes it really easy in a way, I couldn’t trust anyone the way I trust her. And because we’re sisters, we are so different and we bring very different styles to the bus. We try to represent our true, individual selves and what we wear daily.

Natalie: [Allie] is definitely more European, funky and fun in her style. While I’m more conservative and almost classic in my style.

Riley: What would you consider your favorite part of working in the industry?

Allie: Finding one-of-a-kind pieces! I like wearing something that I know no one else in this town has.

Natalie: We also like the hunt. We enjoy picking and believe we curate well and have the eye — and that’s one of the best parts! The events we do are also a big perk.