Soul Searching 3

Finding Self-Betterment through 
yoga teacher trainings.

Being proficient at the practice of yoga is not just about being able to master the downward dog pose. Yes, yoga is popular amongst athletes as a recovery day, as well as with Boulderites looking for an hour of calm, but it also serves higher purposes. Yoga, at its core, is a multifaceted practice and all-encompassing lifestyle with goals much deeper than a good stretch. For many Boulderites who seek to gain even more from yoga than their regular classes, yoga teacher training courses are intensive, immersive yoga experiences that expose participants to the complete yoga lifestyle and philosophy.

According to Marsha Austin, owner of Radiance Power Yoga in Boulder, there is a variety of local studios that offer teacher training classes, including Radiance Power Yoga and Yoga Loft among others.

“Boulder is blessed with a wide range of top-notch yoga training programs led by truly masterful teachers in so many different styles,” says Austin. “Locals don’t have to travel to get a world-class yoga experience.”

When choosing a training, it’s important to emphasize that yoga teacher training programs are not the same as yoga retreats. Destination retreats, such as those that Shoshoni Shambhava Yoga offers, are short reprieves from daily life, essentially vacations where you can lay out your mat on the beach and have down time to enjoy other recreation. While beneficial, these are very different than yoga teacher trainings, which Austin describes as much more rigorous and demanding, but ultimately even more invigorating and rewarding.

The Yoga Alliance, North America’s accrediting body for yoga instructors, requires a standard 200-hour training program in order to become a yoga teacher, and many Boulderites participate in the training regardless of whether they have goals of becoming an instructor. Instead, teacher trainings serve as intensive self-betterment experiences for locals and provide opportunities for a wealth of personal reflection. By learning the full eight limbs of the yoga practice (the physical practice is just one small piece of the teachings), yogis begin to understand themselves on a deeper level, have more clarity about what road blocks they are experiencing in their life, and gain an acceptance of who they are, among many other benefits.

The commitment of going through a yoga teacher training course is one that should not be taken lightly.

“Yoga teacher trainings are a deep journey into getting to know yourself better, which can be very challenging,” says Austin. That being said, taking part in a yoga teaching training can ultimately be a life-affirming experience to help you become more at peace with yourself and your world. You don’t have to be an advanced yoga practitioner to participate in a training, and it’s a study in the universal truths of yoga that, according to Austin, can be explored and enjoyed by anyone.