Fall Out of Line 21

A look into unique fall ’16 trends & inspirations

As the head costume designer for the hit Netflix series, House Of Cards, Jessica Wenger-McPhaul always needs to be in the know and up on all the latest fashion trends. Jessica teamed up with local clothing store, Willow, and helps describe what is it that makes these looks stand out this fall. 

This year’s fall fashion trends are all about the resurgence of the 1960s and 1970s- Boulder’s heyday! And we’re not talking your grandma’s ancient corduroy pants here (but you might want to go looking for her poncho).  WILLOW on Canyon Blvd has been busy taking on these vintage trends and pairing them in a modern way. This season is the anti skinny-jean and flared denim has been flying out the door. Shirts have been updated with bell sleeves and floral prints and accessories are all about embroidery and metallic finishes. Fashion should be fun and make you feel good, right?  You should be able to take this year’s fall throwback vibe to a music festival or simply throw on a record of your own–this is what Boulder is all about.

What Willow is Falling For

  • 60’s and 70’s vibe
  • flare jeans
  • bell sleeves
  • lace
  • florals
  • embroidery and embellishment
  • metallic fabrics and metal details
  • ponchos
  • one shoulder tops and dresses
  • ombre fabrics