Color(Full) 1

I recently stumbled upon one of those cliche personality quizzes to see what “color” best describes your personality. I decided to put it to the test and see how accurate it was. The quiz went through a variety of basic questions such as:

“Pick a weird paint color name, from ‘Salty Tear’ to ‘Mermaid Net’.

“What area would you renovate in your house first?”

“Choose a world cuisine.”  Mexican, duh!

“What would you want to find at the end of 
a rainbow?”

The questions went on and on, and only seemed to get stranger. Before I started the quiz, I predicted which color I thought I would be. Yellow.

To my surprise, my color was white. I love white, but it is not technically a color.

“You have an innocent nature, without being naive. You like things to be done properly, and can’t deal with too much clutter and mess in your life.”


Not being able to deal with a mess when you have four children (sometimes five, counting husband) and a dog, isn’t an option.

While I’m not sure that am a believer in the validity of this online quiz, the process was fun. What I realized about myself, is as the seasons change, so do my cravings. This rings true for food, clothing, activities, and even colors. I love fall almost as much as I love a tenderbelly pretzel dog from Cured on a friday afternoon.

The air of fall will soon sweep crisp air through Boulder County. Along with that, all the offerings the season has for us Boulderites to partake in.

Our September issue celebrates all the colors of fall fashion; traditional and nontraditional. Fashion for your wardrobe as well as your home. We sat in the studio with Edie Ure, pg 74 as she breaks the mold of traditional indigo dyeing by using flower, plant, and compost dyes. We also hopped on the bus with Old Gold and they showed us their vintage revival on wheels pg 66.

We had so much fun with the issue and hope you enjoy it as much as we did. And whatever your color is, don’t take it too seriously, it’s ok to break the rules.