Puppy Love

There is nothing quite like finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and knowing beyond a doubt that they are the one. I will never forget calling my mom after Kate and I’s first date, telling her, “I’m marrying her. I guarantee it.” Coincidentally, Kate called her mom that same day and told her that she planned to marry me. While my parents jumped for joy that their prodigal son (who had spent the last four years in Vail) was ready to settle down, Kate’s parents weren’t quite so quick to give their fifth and final daughter to a guy they knew little about. Fortunately, they came around rather quickly. My best friend had already blazed the trail by marrying one of Kate’s sisters.

What does this have to do with beer and dogs? Everything!

Shortly after Kate and I were an official dating item (two weeks), we decided the next logical step would be to adopt a dog together. I was living on a lake at the time, and every lake house needs a lake dog. As we toured the rescue shelter, the employee told us that black labs were the hardest to get rid of, because they were so common. That notion didn’t hold much weight with us, though. Once we laid eyes on Rajah, a slender black lab mix, we knew she was the one.

Six months later, we took a trip to Fort Collins and, after an amazing tour of the New Belgium Brewing facility, we were engaged. Beer and dogs actually have a lot of similarities. While some are better than others, it’s hard to find a bad one of either.
Cheers, and enjoy the issue!