Peace, Love & Pampering 6

With Pangea Organics Spa

Everyone needs an escape from time to time. Whether it’s needed to focus on health, mental clarity or to simply get away from the noisy bustle of daily life, stealing away for a few personal moments is a necessity. Here in Boulder, Pangea Organics Spa nestled at the base of the foothills is one such escape.

Pangea Organics has been in the business of creating natural, healthy skincare products for more than fifteen years. With their new spa that opened this spring, Pangea looks to put those products into practice and tangibly encourage and promote wellness in body and mind.

Entering the lawn area of the historic Highlands City Club, a building that dates back to 1891, you immediately feel the sense of hush and calm that comes with being at a historic site. Included on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, the building has since become an adaptive space for social functions, professional use and now a nurturing nook of relaxation.

“What makes our spa unique is that it’s just you and your own personal experience,” says Joshua Onysko, founder and CEO of Pangea Organics and mastermind behind their natural botanical products from around the world. “You have the entire spa to yourself.”

A cozy enclave within the building, the spa provides a wholly individual experience. Your time at the spa is completely personalized, allowing you to focus on what you’re looking to get out of your time there.

The treatments themselves highlight the therapeutic qualities of Pangea’s products. Each product has a very specific purpose, and you can actively feel them working on your skin. In the case of the Oxygen Facial, pure oxygen is used to invigorate and cleanse your skin naturally, leaving you to bask in the vibrant, energizing scents of each and every product used.

Such a purposeful focus on natural, wellness-inspired ingredients is a practice that Onysko thinks is a fitting nod to the Boulder lifestyle.

“People here are highly educated on ingredients and want the best for their skin and their bodies,” says Onysko. “It’s a natural fit.”

Visitors to the Pangea Organics Spa are able to extend their experience by relaxing in the secluded garden area on the lawn. Pangea encourages for these mindful exercises to continue, urging guests to create a routine that will consistently nourish both their skin and their overall wellness.