Dog Days of Summer 10

Before meeting with Illustrator and Designer Annie Herzig, I suspected we would hit it off. From the moment I was introduced to her Instagram, @annieherzig, I was hooked. There are dog illustrations galore, and I happen to be a dog fanatic. Each whimsical portrait features a piece of the dog’s personality.

Post meeting, my suspicion was confirmed, and Herzig and I share many of the same afflictions. She happens to be a down-to-earth Colorado native with a love for succulents, good food, Julie Andrews and, of course, drawing.

“I started drawing when I was teeny tiny,” says Herzig. “I always loved it.”

Ten-year-old Herzig dreamed of becoming a Disney illustrator, but eighteen-year-old Herzig took a slight detour from her calling and enrolled as a zoology major.

“I switched it at the last minute to fine arts and never regretted it. It was in that program that I realized it was all I wanted to do for a living, and going through the graphic design and illustration program helped me to see that it was possible,” says Herzig.

From starting out with basic design in college and eventually graduating and landing a job at Whole Foods as a senior designer, Herzig has explored various creative boundaries. After eight years working in a corporate environment, Herzig decided to break away to leap into something entirely new and different. That’s when, in 2014, Annie Herzig Illustrations was born.

Since starting her own design and illustration business, she draws inspiration (pun intended) from many things.

“My family — they’re all creative in all different ways,” says Herzig. Other illustrators, especially some of my childhood favorites like Maurice Sendak and Mercer Mayer. I’m highly inspired by food and travel. By animals, plants, science and nature. By kids and their art. And of course, by John Denver.”


Name | Sadie

Dog’s Best Friends | Jamie & Jiffer Harriman

Age | 15 years young

“Sadie loves to bask in the sun. Sometimes Darla and Sadie like to trade beds (she doesn’t fit so well in Darla’s little bed). Sadie has always loved to be where the action is like our kids’ teepee, small sandbox and, of course, in the kitchen when we’re cooking meat. Sadie and Darla keep each company when our families spend time together in the mountains.” 

Name | Darla

Dog’s Best Friends | Wendy & Josh Talmon

Age | 10 years young

“Her favorite thing to do is snuggle and sunbathe.”

Name | Diesel Dayton

Dog’s Best Friends | Jacqueline, Pierce, Coulter & Bryan Dayton

Age | Seven years old

“Diesel’s favorite thing is hiking all year long. He’s been to the top of Mt. Elbert and loves the snow! His snuggles are the best. You have to watch out for his constant wagging tail as not to knock something over.”

Name | Zoe

Dog’s Best Friend | Lucy Waugh

Age | One year old

“Like any true Boulderite, Zoe loves being outside. We often find her basking in the sun on the back porch, taking in the view of the Flatirons or enthusiastically stalking birds in our backyard — she’ll never catch one, or come even close, but it’s a daily activity that has earned her the nickname, Birdie.” 

Name | Odin
Dog’s Best Friends | Lara & TC
Age | Two years old
“Odin lives for the frisbee and will die for the frisbee. He loves freezing temperatures and all bodies of water and prefers to sleep on his back on the expensive leather couch that he’s not allowed on.”

Name | Chandler

Dog’s Best Friend | Tracy Belaga/Owner of Free Spirit Creative

Age | Nine months old

“I was born in Kansas, rescued by my mom at six weeks old and moved to Colorado with her. My favorite things are: playing, stare downs with my sister, laying on mom’s head, following her, going to work with her, ice cubes, treats and looking cute so she’ll buy me more toys.” 

Name | Salty Dogg

Dog’s Best Friend | Madeline Hennessy

Age | Two years old

“Salty Dogg is a wandering soul. Salty may find himself wandering the scenic trails throughout Boulder Valley, though at times he may also find himself wandering nose first into a lovely garbage can. His sense of smell is uncanny, but his unconditional love for snuggles and hikes overrides any garbage-pup abilities he may have.”

Name | Lou Bronx Bernstein
Dog’s Best Friends | Emily & Matt Bernstein
Age | Five years old

“Lou loves hiking and swimming, eating snacks and social media. He wants to be a scientist when he grows up. Follow Lou on Instagram, @thelouthedog.” 

Name | Phoebe

Dog’s Best Friends | Rachael & Jeff Donaldson

Age | Six years old

“Phoebe was born deaf, and we adopted her from a breeder rescue group. She has a unique howl, and if you’ve never heard a Frenchie sing, check out YouTube.” 

Name | Josh

Age| Two years old

“Josh was the runt of the litter with extra googley eyes so he was also adopted from a breeder rescue. His favorite place is snuggled up as closely to someone as he can get.”