Clever Conservation

Conserving Water in a Unique Way

Culver Van Der Jagt is a Denver-based lawyer and entrepreneur who felt compelled to do something about water shortages in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. After studying significant water shortage issues and related political turmoil, Van Der Jagt devised a plan to help. He has been working ever since to modernize water use laws to fit conditions in arid areas and has even developed a product that assists with his mission. Sink Twice is a toilet lid that integrates fill cycle diversion technology with gray water technology and is the first product of its kind that works on most single flush and dual flush toilets sold today. Van Der Jagt believes that his faucet, together with its integrated fill cycle diverter, is a leap forward in residential water savings.

Here’s how it works: You swap out your old toilet lid with a Sink Twice faucet/sink, which allows you to wash your hands with fresh city water, and then repurposes the soapy water for the flush. We sat down with Van Der Jagt to hear more about his invention.

Tell us about your mission.

Our mission is to deliver clean hands with a clean conscience. Installing Sink Twice is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to decrease needless water consumption. Our goal is to save billions of gallons of treated water from being flushed away by 2020.

What inspired you to create Sink Twice?

Our rapid depletion of underground water resources has been alarming to me.

How is this product changing the face of 
water conservation?  

Within minutes, Sink Twice can cut bathroom water usage by as much as 50 percent.

Do you believe people are becoming more conscious of their water use in general? 

Yes, water is becoming an increasingly significant issue. Most supercomputer environmental projections suggest that Colorado will experience “mega-drought” conditions — like those beginning in Mexico today — in about 60 years. In Ameyalco, Mexico, a town that has for centuries been known for its plentiful supply of clean water, ordinary villagers turned to deadly force on thousands of police to prevent police and others from connecting pipelines to their clean water source.

Why has Sink Twice become successful? 

Affordable pricing, ease of installation and use, and the amount of water we save are huge factors for successful implementation of the device. Kids love it, and it can fit in almost any small bathroom.

What are the benefits of installing it? 

The system pays for itself in about eight months in many cases. If my math is right, that is about a 150 percent annual ROI. It saves space, water, environment and money and encourages hand washing. It is a win-win for everyone involved.